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The BBs. Thanks to sober advice from Forumites.
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Are there such things as shirt button covers. Essentially the same as a mandarin collar button cover but i guess somewhat smaller for the remainder of the shirt. I have a tuxedo shirt with regular buttons and am trying to figure out how to use studs / button covers. Thanks! There definitely are button covers. I got some silver ones from e-bay, also to cover regular buttons on a tuxedo shirt. Apart from ebay,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Having some people in morning dress and some people in evening dress sounds terrible... +1. It also sounds like there is some substantial sartorial micro-managing happening at this wedding. My personal preference is to keep everything straightforward and streamlined. It will look better overall, not to mention entail fewer headaches.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou 2" pant cuffs. Does "xiaogou"= "puppy" in Chinese?
I thought, you are only expected to wear black tie when the invitation specifically says "black tie?" On the question of whether or not to get a dinner jacket/tuxedo, I have found that the causality can work the other way too. Ever since I got my first dinner jacket, I have found that I have been attending many more black tie events than before. But then, I also live in DC, where you can theoretically attend a black tie event every week if you are so inclined.
Double-bladed ties seen on The Sartorialist.
never seen one, but i'm thinking that it might actually be very practical for metro/subway/tube riders.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I can't recommend them: double-needle stitching and lots of mistakes. Who would you recommend then? EDIT: I confused you with lasbar for a minute then.
Damn. I will miss it.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I am visiting Paris in August, which despite RJMan's warnings, works for my schedule. I realize that picking up bespoke suits or jackets while travelling one time for a short period, is ridiculous, and I am extremely happy with my Italian tailor in Philadelphia (he really is wonderful and under-appreciated on the fora). I have several excellent shirtmakers: Barton and Donaldson (local), Vandecasteele (California,...
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