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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Having some people in morning dress and some people in evening dress sounds terrible... +1. It also sounds like there is some substantial sartorial micro-managing happening at this wedding. My personal preference is to keep everything straightforward and streamlined. It will look better overall, not to mention entail fewer headaches.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou 2" pant cuffs. Does "xiaogou"= "puppy" in Chinese?
I thought, you are only expected to wear black tie when the invitation specifically says "black tie?" On the question of whether or not to get a dinner jacket/tuxedo, I have found that the causality can work the other way too. Ever since I got my first dinner jacket, I have found that I have been attending many more black tie events than before. But then, I also live in DC, where you can theoretically attend a black tie event every week if you are so inclined.
Double-bladed ties seen on The Sartorialist.
never seen one, but i'm thinking that it might actually be very practical for metro/subway/tube riders.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I can't recommend them: double-needle stitching and lots of mistakes. Who would you recommend then? EDIT: I confused you with lasbar for a minute then.
Damn. I will miss it.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I am visiting Paris in August, which despite RJMan's warnings, works for my schedule. I realize that picking up bespoke suits or jackets while travelling one time for a short period, is ridiculous, and I am extremely happy with my Italian tailor in Philadelphia (he really is wonderful and under-appreciated on the fora). I have several excellent shirtmakers: Barton and Donaldson (local), Vandecasteele (California,...
Quote: Originally Posted by GeoPa58 What about these: http://www.broadlandslippers.co.uk/eveningpumps.html I have a pair and like them, and the price is right. It's important to get the size correct -- I had to have a small adjustment made to mine locally in the U.S. Thanks for the tip. I've already ordered the lace-ups (yes, I know, I know, but I chickened out of the pumps option in the last minute), but will definitely keep these in...
I'm assuming you have thought of pairing these with white shirts, for starters? Suits in these colours go with almost anything. From my experience, the charcoal grey is slightly more versatile than the navy blue, but both are very versatile. anyway Have fun!
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