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Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover I think its fine as far as casual pants but I think all suits and dress pants should be pleated and cuffed. I thought the question of "to cuff or not to cuff" would depend on your physique i.e. cuffed trousers make your legs look shorter, and thus are not recommended for shorter people?
Quote: Originally Posted by clubman For my own part I find that a glass of oyster stout and ruby port works wonders for connotations. Talking about ties and UCL - how do you rate the UCL Field Club tie? I went to UCL,and I'm only aware of this tie: , which I don't care much for. Is the UCL Field Club tie a different one?
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog People can still see your pants when your jacket is unbuttoned or off. But if you follow the old rules (i.e. only unbutton your jacket when sitting down AND never take off your jacket while in company), this would not be a problem, would it? I'm beginning to suspect that pleats or no pleats, depending on your physique, might just be a matter of comfort.
Yet another gem from SF. If one didn't have a butler, how did one (or more specifically, one's clothes) survive before SF?
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog I think people with athletic builds look more balanced in pleated. Skinny people look better in flat fronts. I'm wondering: since the suit coat covers most of the front part of the pants where the pleats would (or would not) be, does the choice of flat fronts or pleated matter so much if the trousers are part of a suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Contacts. +1000. Or as mentioned above, LASIK.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill Imperial left in 2007. Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme Interesting -- I didn't realize that. Still: exactly which of the constituent colleges are "dross"? They are all highly ranked in teaching and research, and are all well known internationally. [/hijack]
I'm an orphan and friendless, so no one invites me to weddings. So I wear a Windsor knot to cocktail parties instead (which was when this photo was taken.)
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba thats the problem. Because the collar is not spread wide enough?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy FIH FTW "Four in hand, f*ck the Windsor"?
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