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Quote: Originally Posted by incastoutcast +1, indeed. +1. I'm having a pink gingham shirt made with tall spread collar. Will post pic once I get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog Should HAVE GONE with Steven Aver If you're going to nitpick about grammar, at least do a thorough job of it. This is one of the reasons why I love SF and spent a significant chunk of my life scouring the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmeatx Second night out will be a bit more casual, but she's wearing a fashion-forward orange dress. It's not trendy but not dressy either. I have no clue what to do. I was thinking of a t-shirt under a sports coat kind of thing. As you mentioned, the second night out sounds a bit casual. Personally, I don't like the t-shirt under a sports coat thing too much. If it's going to be casual and relax, why not just lose...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoundItOff I personally think the 15/36 is better. It definitely is better than the 15/35, and it looks good to me, but I'm not exactly sure if that's the "correct" length. The experts on SF might be able to provide more advice. Personally though, I don't think tailoring your jacket sleeve to match whatever RTW shirt you buy is an optimal solution. There are rules on where the sleeve (of both jacket and shirt)...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmark Hi blackbowtie, Don't know if it's going to be much good to you because I'm in Tokyo, (hence, the Far from home.) A store I frequent is hosting the event so they let me know. If I do hear of any visits to the States, though, I'll be sure to give you a heads ups. jmark Thanks! P.S. Tokyo's a fun city.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Parenthetically, I've never seen a suit from Asia that doesn't look like a "suit from Asia" How do suits from Asia look like?
Hey jmark, Which city are you in? And how did you find out about their visit? I couldn't find their website and would be grateful for more information. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover I think its fine as far as casual pants but I think all suits and dress pants should be pleated and cuffed. I thought the question of "to cuff or not to cuff" would depend on your physique i.e. cuffed trousers make your legs look shorter, and thus are not recommended for shorter people?
Quote: Originally Posted by clubman For my own part I find that a glass of oyster stout and ruby port works wonders for connotations. Talking about ties and UCL - how do you rate the UCL Field Club tie? I went to UCL,and I'm only aware of this tie: http://www.smartturnout.co.uk/acatalog/info_UCL_11.html , which I don't care much for. Is the UCL Field Club tie a different one?
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog People can still see your pants when your jacket is unbuttoned or off. But if you follow the old rules (i.e. only unbutton your jacket when sitting down AND never take off your jacket while in company), this would not be a problem, would it? I'm beginning to suspect that pleats or no pleats, depending on your physique, might just be a matter of comfort.
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