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I'm an orphan and friendless, so no one invites me to weddings. So I wear a Windsor knot to cocktail parties instead (which was when this photo was taken.)
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba thats the problem. Because the collar is not spread wide enough?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy FIH FTW "Four in hand, f*ck the Windsor"?
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Is it a FIH? It's a Windsor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mild Mannered Flat fronts are soo boring but they are trendy right now, even so I am keeping my pleated pants. Both are always going to be acceptable anyway so enjoy both. thats my opinion anyway. to me flat fronts will look dated faster than any pleated pants will. even just one pleat is cool. Among my male friends within my age group (late 20s) though, pleated pants are often seen as representing the old and...
Quote: Originally Posted by soupcxan I took the suit pants back to the store and at first they said they could just pull the thread through, but then the tailor looked at it and said they needed to be replaced. So I think they will take care of that. That's really impressive customer service.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba looks fine to me, the knot is the prob. Hey, what's wrong with the knot?
I don't have a white dinner jacket and would love to have/wear one. But I've always thought of a white dinner jacket as something that belongs in some function in the open air, rather than inside a hall. However, this impression could be completely baseless. But then again, doesn't the South have its own rules?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Have you seen your avatar? Ooops - caught in flagrante. But that collar doesn't have the slots for stays though. And should be seen as a cautionary tale, and an exception that proves the rule (Am I out of the hole or have I dug myself in deeper?) Seriously though, when I said "limp collar", I was thinking of something more flaccid than that. Specifically, collars which are supposed to have stays in...
Yet another tour de force unearthed from the deep repository of SF wisdom. I am for the umpteenth time, humbled.
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