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All of this is priceless.
I agree with all of this except the part on gloves. I've been to a few white tie events and gloves are more the exception rather than the norm, even in Vienna where a white tie tradition is alive and well. If you have a pair lying around and want to give it a go, then by all means do, but otherwise, I would say not to sweat it. I only wear my white kidskin gloves in the winter on the way to the ball, and take them off once I'm inside, and they stay off even when I'm...
Even though I've lived in DC for a while, I do not know the answer to this. And since I'm also looking to experiment with sweater alteration, I am bumping this thread.
Yes, with that barrage of syllables, I would get rid of the speed limit on the autobahn too just so that I don't have to deal with that word with more frequency than I have to.
Or Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung for "speed limit".
The styling is terrible, but there's something to be said about using lighter fabric for black tie events in the summer months, and I wonder if seersucker could be an economical and viable alternative to mohair, for instance...Black tie police, please don't shoot me, I'm just wondering aloud.
Thanks for your insights. We virtually flew into Vienna just to attend the ball, and beyond a pre-ball cocktail reception and a brunch the day after, we didn't really get much opportunity to sample the Viennese social scene and check out much of the local activity and attractions.But what is certain is that the ball that we went to was no stuffy affair. It was very obvious that everyone was out to have a good time - though of course there was a healthy mix of seeing and...
Is there any truth to the notion that lining will help maintain the shape of the briefcase over time?
Just attended the Techniker-Cercle Ball in Vienna a couple of weeks ago, and I'm happy to report that the state of white tie in Vienna - if there was really any doubt - is, to a large degree, alive and well. Some remarks on white tie: - I was told that this was supposed to be one of the more formal balls of the season. While the vast majority of the men were in white tie, it was obvious that the dress code was not strictly enforced as I saw a few black tie-clad men (and...
I guess I've come rather late to the party…but I've been lusting after the London tan (or a similar color) top frame briefcase for months now. It seems that SAB no longer makes them (please tell me I'm wrong). I was then eyeing the Peal & Co. one made for Brooks Brothers and it turned out that the top frame briefcase had been removed from their website as just a couple of weeks ago. Any ideas why that is? (I hope it's not because they've gone out of circulation!) At any...
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