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How come there's no option that says "I wear them all the time"?
Quote: Originally Posted by oaw01 Hey, this black and brown combo works. I thought it was a big NO !!! I'd always thought of the black-brown taboo as some kind of an insidious propaganda....
You might still be able to catch a show at La Scala before they go on their summer recess. In which case, you'll need a suit.
I have a pair. Under artificial light, most people think they are black, but under natural light they clearly look blue. I've worn them with almost anything (navy blue, charcoal grey and khaki suits) and even paired them with - gasp - my dinner suit at a black tie event last month. I think I agree with a poster who said that they can be treated like black shoes, except that when worn outdoors they look a bit more festive than black shoes. I just got a navy blue belt...
The recent monsoon notwithstanding, summer is more or less here in DC. While I can't wait for autumn, I'm having a ball filling my wardrobe with bright coloured linen shirts, linen trousers in fun colours and festive ribbon belts. I'm also up for a new pair of sunglasses. I know, I know. But at least someone's working very hard to help jumpstart the economy...
I personally think that a man should start his wardrobe with at least one fine white shirt. Maybe something with a tailored and fitted cut, medium spread collar, with barrel cuffs. This shirt can be easily dressed up (e.g. with a suit) or dressed down (e.g. with jeans). I happen to think that everyone looks good in a white shirt. Also don't skimp on the shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by mimile Bespoke shoes at the age of 10 (Blake), bespoke trousers at the same age, suits at the age 18 and shirts: never. Bespoke shoes at the age of 10? What are you: Prince of Wales?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wicky Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Legally here in Italy you can be fined. The buyer is liable for buying fakes just like the seller. Yet, upon exiting the train station is Napoli or around the Vatican in Rome you are litterally drowning in people that are offerring fake designer items. Seems tolerated by the law. Haha. First of all it's Italy. And second it's Naples. "Tolerated...
Quote: Originally Posted by instep Uh, pick stitching isn't done for 'style'. It has a technical reason for its existence. That's what I thought. Or at least that's what my MTM tailor tells me. I didn't know you could have them done on finished jackets like some sort of a decoration.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover These days, never. In the UK? If that's true, than it's really sad. It is a bit ironic that bowties are still acceptable here in the US, especially since a lot of people often think that sartorial standards and ideals are higher and "purer" in the UK than in the US.
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