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I'm curious how they managed 4 fittings in 5 days without compromising quality. Did you bring that up? What did they say? Or is cutting a suit so much less complicated than I thought?I'm not in the market for new bespoke suits, but I will be in Rome in three weeks for three weeks (temptation, temptation.)
I saw someone wearing this white dinner jacket the other day and apparently it's from J Crew. Unless they have more than one, it's probably this one:
Would people in Hawaii look at you strangely if you wear a tailored long sleeve linen shirt? With linen trousers? If I lived somewhere tropical, I would wear nothing but linen.
Great meet-up as always! Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks. Looking forward to the next one.
On my way.
Seems like it might still rain (forecasts have been fluctuating a lot). Anyway see you guys later!
If Thursday's weather is anything at all like what it was this past weekend, it will be just perfect.
Looking forward. I hope it won't be too hot that day.
This will be interesting.
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