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Also I am curious about Vintage Gent's three-piece suit: how did it turn out? How often have you worn the full ensemble? Did it turn out to be a good idea?
One thing that this (old) thread has not addressed is the practicality of wearing a three-piece suit in the summer, even if it's made of linen. I understand that there are a lot of precedents for this (and it is a nice look), but I wonder if those are due to the fact that summers in England are usually not that hot. In Washington, walking around in a suit (even a linen one) at the height of summer requires a certain level of fortitude and endurance; I can't quite imagine...
Thanks for the clarification.The summer closure may be unfortunate for me, but quite fortunate for my wallet. I'll be leaving Rome on Sep. 1.
I'm curious how they managed 4 fittings in 5 days without compromising quality. Did you bring that up? What did they say? Or is cutting a suit so much less complicated than I thought?I'm not in the market for new bespoke suits, but I will be in Rome in three weeks for three weeks (temptation, temptation.)
I saw someone wearing this white dinner jacket the other day and apparently it's from J Crew. Unless they have more than one, it's probably this one: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/TheLudlowShop/BlackTie/PRDOVR~A7132/99103435501/A7132.jsp
Would people in Hawaii look at you strangely if you wear a tailored long sleeve linen shirt? With linen trousers? If I lived somewhere tropical, I would wear nothing but linen.
Great meet-up as always! Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks. Looking forward to the next one.
On my way.
Seems like it might still rain (forecasts have been fluctuating a lot). Anyway see you guys later!
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