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Don't masquerade parties by definition involve masks? And costumes?
Alas in DC, tweed season seems to be taking its own sweet time.
Mainly in DC. At some of the balls, the floor is not too crowded, but based on my (relatively limited) experience and I've also been told by many veterans that a crowded dance floor is part of the "authentic" experience, whatever that may mean. If my experience at the Techniker-Cercle ball is any indication, this is definitely true in Vienna. The same goes for unskilled dancers blocking the way: you find those even in Vienna. Personally, it was only after a couple of...
About time, I say. :-)
I've been to a number of Viennese balls and I have to say that crowded dance floors tend to be the rule rather than the exception. When I was in Vienna I discovered that crowded dance floors are great training grounds for survival at a ball in Vienna. I've often said that the dance steps, while not easy, are still not as challenging as navigating the dance floor if you're a man. So, the moral of the story is: keep on dancing and hopefully one day it will all be second nature.
There are also Viennese balls that take place in parts of the U.S. that call for white tie. Though it only makes sense to go if you like dancing the waltz. Most of these are open to the public, and there are a few that are not on the list.http://www.vienneseball.org/calendar.php
I guess I haven't spoken to that many tailors in my life but the few I've dealt with seem very reticent about commenting on other tailors' work even when prodded. I hope that's a good sign of their integrity and professionalism. Or maybe I'm just naive?
There's always that of course. Though that brings with it the need to learn the waltz and an enthusiastic dance partner. At least one enthusiastic enough to brave the Viennese winter in a ball gown!As a matter of full disclosure, in addition to what I said earlier in the thread, I personally would not wear white tie to an event unless it's specified in the dress code. But I live in a city where there are at least a couple of bona fide white tie events, and have had the...
I may regret saying this as I'm also a 38s but based on my experience the information on the BB's website doesn't always tally with what is actually in stock. I was looking at the rust coloured Harris tweed sport coat. According to the website there's none in 38s but when I walked into a BB shop they saw that that size is available in the system, and proceeded to order it for me. So it's worthwhile calling or visiting one of their shops.
The older I get the more my attitude towards clothing etiquette shifts towards the "live and let live" end of the spectrum. If Needfortweed wants to experience the joy of wearing white tie and the only occasion for him where that would not be completely inappropriate and out of place is NYE, then by all means he should do it (pace marcodalondra). If for no other reason than life is short, carpe diem etc. The only reservation I have is that white tie done right is an...
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