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Very well said Crusty.
Great meet up! Thanks to @PiCcolocV for organizing! The venue was awesome and the company was even better. Looking forward to the next one.
Sounds like tweed weather?The cigars sound awesome although they would be wasted on me. I'll watch the pros do it and take notes.
My army of valets are airing my tweed for this Thursday's meet-up as we speak. Speaking of tweed, do you guys know that DC's 2014 Tweed Ride is this Sunday?
I've always been perplexed by the war on white shirts that seems to be waged by many on this forum.
Don't the credits give a clue about wardrobe sources sometimes?
Is it? ;-)
Thanks for organizing! See you guys there.
Maybe we could start a new thread with the new date and venue? In other news, I'm glad that tweed weather has finally arrived in DC.
Hello! Thanks for getting the ball rolling. Either date works for me, and the Graham rooftop works too.
New Posts  All Forums: