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I think you are overthinking this. IMHO those bowties are not bad. If you are uncomfortable about the points of the bow exceeding the width of the collar, then just adjust the length of the bowtie and tie a knot with a narrower span (I'm assuming your bowties are adjustable.) I think diamond point bowties are cool, you should rock them.
Here's what I think is a rather extensive thread for forum members to share pictures of their black tie rig. You should re-post yours here: it will also help revive the thread. There are a few very useful examples of well executed black tie in this thread.
This is awesome. Looking forward to the final product.
These are really good tips from Unbel. No. 3 probably cannot be emphasised enough. Related to this is perhaps the very important - but often ignored - notion that style and comfort are not necessarily mutually exclusive.On the other hand, given that the notion of "comfort" is fluid, I wonder if this could lead to the slippery slope that eventually leads to a sartorial era of "anything goes."In the same vein, I wonder if people in the old days had a higher tolerance of...
Stumbled upon this old but precious thread. Am bumping it because it's just really awesome.
Yes, great meet up. Kudos to the organizers! Looking forward to the next one.
This is a great idea! I suppose it's about time. They are forecasting a 30 percent chance of "isolated thunderstorms" - I am still not quite sure what that means, really - between 6pm and 9pm. Having said that, unless the weather situation becomes intense, I'll be joining you guys for drinks.
Speaking of tying a scarf around the waist, I'm thinking of experimenting with wearing a sash around my waist instead of a waistcoat/cummerbund to a black tie do this Saturday. It might not be the best idea - I'm concerned that the sash might unravel and fall off amidst vigorous dancing - but I think it would be a cool way to spice things up a little bit with a nod to the past.
This is probably just me, but my impression is that a cummerbund looks very good if you have a trim waist. But if you're a bit on the portly side, a waistcoat is probably more forgiving. But I'm probably imagining all this. But there are a few of my friends who wear black tie who think of cummerbunds as a bit fuddy-duddy (though I'm not quite sure why). And I suppose the cummerbundless current Bond doesn't help.
I have to admit that I've been thinking more and more about getting a morning coat made too. I've taken the plunge with regard to tails (white tie): I had one made last year.I'm struck by the irony that today, there are relatively more occasions for white tie than there are for morning dress, especially given that the former is more formal than the latter. I received delivery of my tails in November and I've already had two occasions to wear it (there was actually a third...
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