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I have to admit that I've been thinking more and more about getting a morning coat made too. I've taken the plunge with regard to tails (white tie): I had one made last year.I'm struck by the irony that today, there are relatively more occasions for white tie than there are for morning dress, especially given that the former is more formal than the latter. I received delivery of my tails in November and I've already had two occasions to wear it (there was actually a third...
A tiny quibble. I think it's supposed to be "High hats and Arrow collars", a reference to a very popular brand of detachable collars at the time.
I've found some nice collar studs on eBay. Some of the vintage ones - made from mother of pearls - are particularly nice. You might want to try that.
Update: I wrote to the French Hand Laundry, it seems that they do NOT launder detachable collars. At least not at the moment. Below is the exchange:Me: Do you launder and starch detachable collars for formal shirts?Response: Unfortunately no. We are having difficulty with the starching. The composition of our starch has changed and we are working on perfecting the finish of it on the cotton. Thank You for your interest with us.
But Mitt Romney has the vest peeking under the front of his tailcoat. That must be a mistake. And an amateur one at that.
Thanks for this. As I mentioned, I've sent one detachable collar to Parkway, but they didn't do a very good job with it despite claiming to have a lot of experience in dealing with stiff detachable collars. I've written to the French Hand Laundry to seek confirmation that they actually are able to launder detachable collars properly. I have not heard about Allo Laverie in NYC, but will find out out more.Worse comes to worst, I may have to mail my detachable collars to the...
I might, in general, agree with this statement, but given that people in DC are more likely to own black tie rather than white tie - and I'm really understating matters here - the sensible thing to do was to stipulate a black tie dress code. And I don't see why we need to sacrifice the waltzing only because people aren't in white tie.
Depending on what you mean by "dead". In the DC area, there are at least 5-6 events that I know of - and I'm not even plugged into the DC social scene - where the dress code is white tie optional. I've been to two of these events where the majority of the men actually turned up in white tie. And these are not even superformal events, by which, I mean state dinners and such. Brooks Brothers continue to sell tails and white tie and formal white vest, which i take to mean...
[[SPOILER]]It needs to be the Viennese waltz. Practitioners of the slow waltz will be ruthlessly ridiculed.
Great, and many thanks! I was afraid that it might come to that as i was hoping to avoid the whole mailing thing. I saw one such dry cleaner based in the UK - the Barker Group - but I thought getting my laundry done across the Atlantic may be a bit excessive.
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