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Great resources here. Never heard of Darcy clothing before but glad to find out about it here.
The fabric looks amazing, and the price is very good value. But 545 g/m - that's like 19 oz, right? That is heavy. Is this fabric meant to be a winter fabric only (worn with a light overcoat), and perhaps for fall wear (without an overcoat)? Sounds like it's too heavy for wearing indoors. Any thoughts on this?
In the foolish days of my youth, I had a black suit tailor made, and at one point, I even wore it to the office. Those days are gone, but I have surprisingly found a lot of use for the black suit. More often than not, I have worn it to evening receptions where I personally would think the dress code should be "black tie", but where the invitation says "cocktail attire." It's black, so it evokes the formality of a tux, but it's not a tux. I usually wear it with a crisp...
I roll them up as best as I can and store them in a drawer. It's definitely the neater option. I used to leave them dangling on the trousers, but have come to appreciate the ritual of putting them on the trousers when I get dressed.
Yes, the ones I've been to in DC have usually been white tie optional, and even where the invite only says "White Tie" an overwhelming majority turns up in black tie (me included). I've been debating getting a set of white tie attire for the longest time, but have not had the courage to take the plunge. Maybe if i keep going to these balls, I should get one after all.Also, as someone who enjoys Viennese waltz, the ultimate dream would be to go to Vienna during the ball...
6 miles this morning. Part of preparations for the Rock n' Roll half-marathon in mid-March in DC. Weather has been freakishly warm but perfect for running.
Just saw this thread yesterday and just finished reading through the entire thread (yes, I have nothing else to do with my life), and I thought I'd share some thoughts. I live in DC, am in my early 30s, and have had many opportunities to wear black tie in this town. On average, I have worn black tie 5-6 times a year in the last three and a half years or so. I've mainly worn it to: - opening nights of the opera at the Kennedy Center - Viennese balls (there are at least...
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino ...However, I view them as being too conspicuous to have on all my suits. But this is it - only SFers and other style-conscious people would actually notice that they are "peak" lapels. Most people won't even notice. Something cannot be conspicuous if it's not even noticed.
From what I know, Edwin DeBoise (Steed) already provides an MTM service alongside bespoke tailoring and it seems to work well enough.
I never have the shirt gap problem when I'm wearing trousers with braces/suspenders. Would that be a better solution?
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