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Never mind I've sort of "deleted" it.
Haha - didn't King James describe St. Paul's cathedral as "aweful", meaning inspiring awe?
How do I delete the original thread?
Originally posted this Men's Clothing, but realized too late that this is probably a more appropriate forum. Inspired by a few (relatively) recent threads on black tie, and as part of my efforts to further integrate black tie/evening wear into my lifestyle, I'm thinking of hosting a black tie evening at home. All of the black tie/formal events I've attended have been big parties/balls involving at least a hundred people, and I'm thinking that a more intimate setting with...
Deleted and reposted on "Lifestyle".
"The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins. It's a bit involved but given the subject matter - how evolution works - he's doing a good job of explaining things.
4 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles again today. Doing 10 miles on Saturday as last long run before a half marathon - my first - in two weeks. Really excited.
What size is the shirt?
I'm not sure if BB still stocks tailcoats. The BB store I usually go to used to have them in the formalwear section but on my last visit (a month ago) they are no longer there. And as you said, the tailcoat used to be available on-line but not anymore.I was looking at your list: did you forget gloves? The few guys that were in white tie at the balls all wore gloves. It was not clear to me what kind of material the gloves were made of though. People on this forum have...
I've seen it done here in DC, for instance at Kentucky Derby parties when it's particularly too hot. Like everything, fit is everything. Some people pull it off very well with a well fitting linen shirt, linen jacket and linen dress shorts. Having nice legs doesn't hurt either
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