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Thanks, this is in line with many of what others have been saying on this thread.As an aside: if only I live in an era where "casual" clearly means "coat and tie"...
Yes, I have duped a cellist friend to come and play a few fun pieces. I'm giving him 8 months' notice - can't see how I can do better than that!
Yes, agreed. I was thinking at first that given that it's a small party (20 people), hiring help may seem exaggerated. But on second thought and after reading feedback on this thread, I see now that hired help is the only sensible way to do this.
At least half of the men that I intend to invite own black tie attire. If pressed, I will say that it's a "black tie encouraged" event, so those who do not own black tie can turn up in a dark suit instead. Who knows, maybe an event like this will help inspire more of my friends - especially the fence-sitters - to pull the trigger and finally get black tie attire? We are all in our late 20s or early 30s and I'm thinking, if one does not get black tie and have fun with it...
I guess, by the standards of this day and age, we should probably be grateful that they are talking about black tie at all.
Thanks. There are many helpful tips in here. I've only had experience with hired help for a party of 60+ people, and was thinking getting help for only 20 guests might be overdoing it. But on second thought, it probably makes sense, all the same. I'm not planning a sit-down dinner, but more like an after dinner event where there'll be plentiful finger food and free-flowing drinks.Thanks for the big band and swing suggestion, much appreciated. i also like the wine tasting...
I'm curious, why is this important?This is what I'm trying to get at. There is so much collective hand-wringing about the ever diminishing opportunities to wear black tie nowadays. I think it's partly because a lot of people think you need to own a mansion and have a helicopter pad to host a black tie event. While we'll probably never go back to the days when people habitually dress in dinner clothes everyday for dinner, I think there's value in trying to make the black...
I think there is something in making waist covering sort of "optional". Especially when you are doing a lot of dancing and need to stay cool. If I have to make do without one component of the prescribed and correct black tie outfit, it would be the waist covering, as long as I keep my jacket buttoned through the evening.But I thought high armholes give you more mobility, not less?
6577 m, last night, in 30 mins, so a split of around 2:17. I know that I should try to do better.
Thanks! Did 10 miles today and am dead beat. I really salute you guys who run more than 10 miles regularly. And SBB, I hope you did not get sick.
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