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Woefully ignorant in things sartorial, I can only point out here that according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "privilege" as a verb came from Middle English which in turn took it from French, where it already existed as a verb.
Is purple the next green, as far as tweed is concerned? I know of two people who have just commissioned purple tweed jackets recently.
Hear, hear.
I'm usually intimidated by this forum's high standards but someone pointed out today that given that I'm wearing tweed today it would be criminal not to take part. So here goes:
Adding my vote for dark green leather.
I've been kicking myself that I'll only be in NYC tomorrow and am missing all the fun. So, when's the next one? ;-)
I just found out that tadger is actually a word. One always learns new things on SF.
Just saw the video and I think it's awesome. It respects the spirit of tweed as active wear. I just got back from 4 hours of biking in tweed for the DC Tweed Ride and it was great. It was bitingly cold at times but my tweed outfit came through and kept me warm and comfortable (though it was perhaps inappropriate for the indoors party afterwards).
Nice to meet you last night and welcome to the Forum!
Though to be honest, these days it's no longer clear to me what these verbs are. Did verbs like "sanction", "leverage", "format", "message", "snowball" etc start their lives as nouns ? (The last two probably did). Should I look upon them with disdain?
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