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Yes, thanks for organizing, Unbel. The meetup was fun, as always. Looking forward to the next one.
See you guys later. I won't make it by 6, but will try to be there between 6:30 and 7pm.
Will definitely be there! Thanks for organizing. P.S. Sorry to hear about the accident Stitchy - but if you're well enough to be on the Forum I supposed it can't be that bad
It's pretty awesome. Power to him.
Maybe as one of the hosts he has a bit more latitude?
This thread got revived, so what the heck.For what it's worth, I was walking around with a friend this past Black Friday and we ended up in J. Crew which I hadn't been to for a while. I was pleasantly surprised with the stuff I saw there. It seems that they've stepped up their game a lot over the last few years, be it in the choice of fabrics (I saw a few Harris tweed sport coats that could probably fit well with the spirit of this thread) or fit and design. (Although the...
Is matching your briefcase to what shoes/suits you're wearing really that important? I always thought that this was something only women were preoccupied with. (Or maybe I missed the iGent 101 lecture). It also seems to presuppose that the ideal would be to have multiple briefcases to mix and match with, which honestly sounds a bit much, Styleforum or no Styleforum. I feel the thing to do is just select the colour that strikes your fancy and just go for it and when you...
Woefully ignorant in things sartorial, I can only point out here that according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "privilege" as a verb came from Middle English which in turn took it from French, where it already existed as a verb.
Is purple the next green, as far as tweed is concerned? I know of two people who have just commissioned purple tweed jackets recently.
Hear, hear.
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