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Would people in Hawaii look at you strangely if you wear a tailored long sleeve linen shirt? With linen trousers? If I lived somewhere tropical, I would wear nothing but linen.
Great meet-up as always! Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks. Looking forward to the next one.
On my way.
What do you mean when you speak of fashion or clothes as being "homosexual"? You see them coupling only with other fashion/clothes of the same gender?
Seems like it might still rain (forecasts have been fluctuating a lot). Anyway see you guys later!
If Thursday's weather is anything at all like what it was this past weekend, it will be just perfect.
Looking forward. I hope it won't be too hot that day.
This will be interesting. http://www.paulstuart.com/dc.cfm?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Paul+Stuart+in+DC&utm_content=Paul+Stuart+in+DC+CID_fc05b75a44d0e2ea3fa0043abae56d31&utm_source=blast&utm_term=Paul%20Stuart%20in%20DC
All of this is priceless.
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