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Quote: Originally Posted by petepeteo I love how these are from DSW's clearance.... DSW sells gucci? i never have been there, might have to try it out once
is there a smudge or something on the outside of the right shoe?
What is the difference from the two? Does one have deeper discounts than the other?
Quote: Originally Posted by fitandfunction JEREMY20 also gives $20 off for new users of moderntailor This worked for me! Thanks!
if anyone has an extra one of these I would appreciate a PM with it. Would like to try this site out. Much thanks!
Are any of these good? I think people are forgetting to mention they used these
price drop added measurements
I bought this sport coat about two years ago and have only worn it maybe 5-6 times. It feels like suede but the tag says its cotton. It's in great condition. I wear typically 38-40R in suits, I don't know how to do measurements but the size is Medium. If you need a specific measurement please ask. bought it for 400$, selling at $125 shipped. will entertain offers. Chest 20" Waist 18.5" Length from bottom of collar 30" if you need more measurements let me know, that...
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