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I believe most, if not all Costcos released both this Dec as new releases (I just didn't know whether this 15 was also released last yr). The 15 yr was not as widely available as the 20, in my experience.Good to hear, ama. I saw the Batch 6 at Surdyk's but did not succumb. Later, found that my wife bought the Batch 3 as a gift. If Batch 3 is as good as you (and almost everyone else) say, I might pick up the 6 as well. It's less expensive than the 3, too.
Don't know if the same was released last year, but I picked up this bottle just as it hit the shelves a few weeks ago.
In the last couple of weeks...
A Slightly Intoxicated David Chang Explains Bourbon
Replenished the supply over the last couple of weeks. One Pappy is from last year.
The tiramasu cake. 1st bite was fine. 2nd was not good.
Had it. Cloying.
Sounds like you're doing just well enough for yourself there in the nexus of the universe, impolyt one. But if you're ever in mn, you're invited!I'm a poor mixologist. Because of this, I stick with straight drams. As a result, my bar is meager vs. what I've seen here.Less the incoming bottles:
Shit, Rambo...are you signed up Shopper's Vineyard emails? It's too late now, but if so, they sent out a free shipping code on Ron Zacapa XO this past Sunday. Also threw in Don Julio 1942 for a good price too (at least cheaper than anywhere around here). It's one of the very few retailer's email that I'll examine without just tossing it unopened.
Entertaining more than ever before, so I stocked up the last couple of weeks with what I enjoy: Yamazaki 18 x 2 Elijah Craig 18 Ron Zacapa XO x 2 Don Julio 1942 Laphroaig 18 Lagavulin Edit: I'm on a tear--picked up a inexpensive bottle of Booker's on the way home tonight. Thanks to bdeuce22 for the tip. I don't even drink more than a couple of times a week. But the guests get a kick out of trying stuff that they'd never on their own. Especially when served in...
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