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OK, the trolling is funny, but I would appreciate some help finding a tanner and a bookmaker
1. I'm not worried about enraging animal rights activists. 2. trust me, it's legal to kill alligators. i know what i'm doing in this regard. 3. the "kill shot" is a bang stick to the head. you can google that. 4. i am not trying to get luxury shoes out of this. i just think it's a fun thing to do. i don't want alligator shoes if i'm just buying them. that's not for me.
RL, as a company, does a lot of trend analysis. That includes sales at their stores. If they see a certain fit is selling higher numbers, they'll push it. Probably won't get rid of straight legs altogether, though.
Who is Troy? Link? Shipping the carcass is expensive, so I prefer someone in Florida
i want to go to florida, kill a gator, and have it made into a pair of shoes. who can make the shoes for me? bespoke preferred, obviously.
challenge accepted.dis my whip btw
word. for real though i rolled up next to junior varsity at a race. i was driving my pontiac sunfire. dusted that guy. his m5 ain't that fast...
i like drinking Mountain Dew, but I drink water almost exclusively. that said, I wouldn't like it if someone told me that mtn dew tastes like cat piss while i was drinking it.
if i could wear 20 inch spinner rims instead of shoes, i would
this is the ugliest pair of nikes ever.i must have them
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