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Great thread - thanks to the OP.
Nice, especially the last two. The pic doesn't look like MOP.
All, On a custom pair of shoes, if quarters touch out of the box, are they likely to get too big over time? Thanks, JD
Thank you!
I really like the mocs they have in the new, "Claridge", line. They're like a wholecut mocassin. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, I can't find a detailed pic I could save on my HD. The site uses some kind of flash player. Thanks, JD
Here are my new Vass; they just arrived today. We were in Budapest in September and I got my feet measured at that time. Alt Wien MTM on the New Peter last, in burgundy:
Thanks all. I suspect the ambiguity is between the 40R jacket size and the 40 chest size, as explained by GoldenTribe.
I always buy M, but I have seen size tables (e.g., the Drakes' cashmere cardigan) which make a 40 chest size a small. I'm a bit puzzled. Of course, generally I understand that it's best to try and see what fits. I'm just curious what the industry standards are... Thanks, JD
Horrible redesign. It takes many more clicks to get to the product, and navigation is un-intuitive. The product itself is superb, of course.
Love them. I'd be most interested in finding an Aran shawl collar cardigan. Not sure whether it exists...
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