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Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia Dandy I have the same issue and was steered to the 808 (by EG's Susie Jones back in the good ol' days) with good results. Susie mentioned that the 808 is their lowest fitting last. Fits me better than the 888. Keep in mind the width will play a part in the equation. Might try going down to a C width. I believe EG has a Paris shop now. Go try some on and report back. I'm going to go pay them a...
Hello, What EG last would work best for a pair of Dover given that I am blessed / cursed with low instep? Many thanks, JD
What is your favorite loafer design? I like the J.M.Weston classic penny loafer and their new Claridge loafer, which is not an apron design - it looks a bit like a whole cut, but slip on.
What are the key differences or trade-offs between those two models? Thanks, JD
Mesure River, antique cognac, U last
Interesting colors. What did you do to get those dark shadows?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Be very careful....there is a reason true vintage ......looks vintage. Regards. Are those fake?
What would be the price for a classic AP Royal Oak, second hand in good condition from a reputable dealer? I'm talking about the basic self-winding model. Thanks, JD
The problem with diving is that it's an environment very rich in stainless steel & sharp corners. I scratched a sapphire crystal on a dive boat.
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