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What is your favorite loafer design? I like the J.M.Weston classic penny loafer and their new Claridge loafer, which is not an apron design - it looks a bit like a whole cut, but slip on.
What are the key differences or trade-offs between those two models? Thanks, JD
Mesure River, antique cognac, U last
Interesting colors. What did you do to get those dark shadows?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Be very careful....there is a reason true vintage ......looks vintage. http://shop.ebay.com/timescube/m.html Regards. Are those fake?
What would be the price for a classic AP Royal Oak, second hand in good condition from a reputable dealer? I'm talking about the basic self-winding model. Thanks, JD
The problem with diving is that it's an environment very rich in stainless steel & sharp corners. I scratched a sapphire crystal on a dive boat.
Which one do you like best for diving?
I guess my 12 yr old Cartier Tank Americaine is even more overdue then, thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: