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The Levi's 501 are not what I want. They sit too low and the legs are too tight for my taste. I'm looking for something more like the 550, but higher quality.
All, What would be my best option for a high quality denim, relaxed fit, sitting at waist or just below, relaxed leg, preferably fairly heavyweight selvage fabric? I'd want a dark blue / indigo color. I also am looking for something available online. Thanks, JD
All, I was asked by DSL to provide a copy of my social security card in order for a pair of EG shoes to clear US customs. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem? Is that shoe specific? DSL specific? Thanks, JD
This doesn't cover even the cost of the raw metal.
I'm looking for khakis / chinos in navy and olive cotton twill. Dockers has a few, Bill's doesn't have true navy anywhere available online that I can find. What do people recommend? Thanks - JD
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido CPCP 18k gold Tank Americaine Most beautiful watch ever made IMHO. I have it in white gold.
AFAIK, the VAT is always charged by the dealer, therefore, only the dealer can refund the VAT after receiving the VAT refund form stamped by the customs at airport.
I don't recall seeing those on the Carmina website. Are they an exclusive?
Walk all along the rue du Faubourg St Honore, from le Louvre to rue de la Boetie (roughly). You'll cross all the top designers, top watch and jewelry makers, and a score of vintage jewelry stores, including cufflinks. On the way stop at the Hermes store, and check out the John Lobb store that is attached to it. From there make sure to do a side trip North to place Vendome to see the jewelry, and Charvet on the other side of the place. Also do a side trip South on rue...
All, What causes a shirt collar to fall over time at the back of the neck? I have several shirts for which I have to pull the collar back up regularly. Is it because the collar is too soft? Or is it a balance problem between the fron and the back of the shirt? Thanks, JD
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