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Fascinating, given that SDA is the cheapest. Thank you.
All, What are the key differences (apart from price) between SugarCane 1947, Studio d'Artisan SD-101, and Samurai regular straight fit (as here on BiG)? What should I expect in terms of durability, etc? Many thanks, JD
At the time I posted that, I wasn't aware of the "vintage" 501 cuts available. I thought LVC was simply an abbreviation for Levi's. Thanks for the input. After doing much browsing here, I'm now hesitating between a Studio d'Artisan SD-101 and one of the relaxed Samurai.
OK, thank you!
Anyone knows of a place in the US that would have the 1955S?
The 501 and the 559 are too narrow in the thighs. That's why I think regular isn't going to work.
All, Looking for a loose fit pair of jeans, with thighs 12" - 13" across (measurement taken 1" below the crotch) for a 32 waist - so big legs, but no baggy butt. I'd like to find a good quality pair, in dark raw / dry indigo, preferably heavier fabric. I'd like something that doesn't sit too low - at or just below waist would be perfect. Selvedge would be nice, but not a must have. Preferably no more than $200, although would consider going slightly beyond that for...
The Levi's 501 are not what I want. They sit too low and the legs are too tight for my taste. I'm looking for something more like the 550, but higher quality.
All, What would be my best option for a high quality denim, relaxed fit, sitting at waist or just below, relaxed leg, preferably fairly heavyweight selvage fabric? I'd want a dark blue / indigo color. I also am looking for something available online. Thanks, JD
All, I was asked by DSL to provide a copy of my social security card in order for a pair of EG shoes to clear US customs. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem? Is that shoe specific? DSL specific? Thanks, JD
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