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This is a good thread for that:http://www.styleforum.net/t/66726/muscular-got-big-thighs-want-relaxed-jeans-been-doing-one-squat-too-many-voila
However, they seem to be out of stock in your online store...?
Better than Buzz Rickson, Studio d'Artisan, etc???
What are the best quality sweatshirts available (online) from the US (so, excluding out of stock stuff, unless it's likely to be restocked shortly)? I'm looking for solid, classic colors (grey, navy,...). I have been browsing BiG and SE, and I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything. Thanks, JD
Order placed. :-)
What is the consensus on the top makers in terms of durability / built quality? If you had to put premium brands in a Good, Better, Best category, which brand would be in each box? Thanks, JD
That was very helpful to me. Thanks!
Love the patch design on those.
Fascinating, given that SDA is the cheapest. Thank you.
All, What are the key differences (apart from price) between SugarCane 1947, Studio d'Artisan SD-101, and Samurai regular straight fit (as here on BiG)? What should I expect in terms of durability, etc? Many thanks, JD
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