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Thanks. Those are too fashion forward for me.
All, Thanks. I appreciate the fast responses. I just went online to check on those. I cannot find anything reg the Sugarcane 1955 sizing, though the 1955 vintage is what I'm looking for. The other ones are mostly too low. E.g., the SdA 101 is 11.5" for a true 34" waist (per BiG page), Warehouse 1000xx is 11.75" at 33.5" per BiG, FC0105 is 12" at 34.5" per BiG, Sugarcane 1947 is 11.8" at 33.5" waist, per SE. Really looking for 12.5" rise for a 34 waist.
All, Do you know of any Samurai, SdA, or similar jeans with a high rise (12.5" front rise for a 34 waist)? I'm looking for something like the LVC 501 1955 or the IH 1955S. Thanks, JD
All, How does LVC compare in quality & durability with the good Japanese brands like Samurai or Studio d'Artisan?
Is that a 510xx21oz? Curious about the arctuates...
Any specific reason why some models have arctuates and others do not?
All, What are the pros of heavyweight denim (say, 20oz and above for the sake of discussion). Are they more durable than the 10oz - 15oz? Do they look better? Do they fade better? Or is it mostly a feel & coolness issue (authenticity, bragging rights, etc)? Thanks, JD
Hi, I'm trying to understand the fit of the IH 634S (for later as it seems you don't have a 34, which is what I would need). Your site says that the ones tagged 34 have a waist of 33.3 and thighs of 12.8. On the site, they list a size of 34 waist, 13.3 thighs. Does that reflect average variations from one pair to the next? Thanks, JD
Good article in the WSJ yesterday about Japanese pursuit of perfection, among other things with regard to denim and other clothes:
Does anyone know of a good place to have a few shirts made in Seattle? Thanks, JD
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