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The M will be too short for you for sure. It is just right for me (vintage look) but I mostly wear high waisted pants and jeans.
I'm 5'10", 185Lb (84kg).Pit-to-pit: 22.5"Collar-to-seam (front side): 21.5"Sh-to-cuff: 22"Waist: 19"That's for a Navy Medium, and it's been washed a couple times. It fits me perfectly. As I wore a nd washed it, the length has shorten a bit and the width at the chest has increased (I suspect I stretched it - I'm not sure it would have happen on someone more slender.)Unfortunately, during the first few times I wore it I managed to bust the waist by removing it...I'm...
All, I am looking for a pair of relaxed khakis in olive green. By relaxed, I mean something like the Bill's M2 model. Right now, my only option seems to be those M2 in vintage twill. Thanks, JDelage
The Roy denims sold out already?
Does anyone know of good MTO denim? Thanks, JD
I bought one. I like it but it's my first fancy sweat so I can't help much. I haven't washed it yet.
All, Could anyone explain to me what the Warehouse Lee 101B/Z are? Are they a collab or a repro? I don't understand why the jeans seem to make no mention of Warehouse anywhere. Were they contracted to Warehouse by Lee??? Also, the BiG description mentions that they are raw / unwashed, but the labels on the jeans say...
Reg. the Strike Gold sweats, it would be great if they could offer other colors. I have the navy, and I'd love either an olive or a grey.
Check this thread:
But they don't exist in grey, do they?
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