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Any specific reason why some models have arctuates and others do not?
All, What are the pros of heavyweight denim (say, 20oz and above for the sake of discussion). Are they more durable than the 10oz - 15oz? Do they look better? Do they fade better? Or is it mostly a feel & coolness issue (authenticity, bragging rights, etc)? Thanks, JD
Hi, I'm trying to understand the fit of the IH 634S (for later as it seems you don't have a 34, which is what I would need). Your site says that the ones tagged 34 have a waist of 33.3 and thighs of 12.8. On the IH.co.uk site, they list a size of 34 waist, 13.3 thighs. Does that reflect average variations from one pair to the next? Thanks, JD
Good article in the WSJ yesterday about Japanese pursuit of perfection, among other things with regard to denim and other clothes: on.wsj.com/wGnZLW
Does anyone know of a good place to have a few shirts made in Seattle? Thanks, JD
Yes, that was a typo. Thanks!
What's the difference between IW and Triple Works?
Where should I go for the best price on LVC 1955 501's? Are those ever discounted in post-Xmas sales? Thanks, JD
Does anyone have a merchant to recommend? Many thanks, JD
I'd love to love this but the rise is too low for me. I find the 1947 to be a pretty good match for my needs except for the fairly low rise. Then again I'm not knowledgeable on historical 501 cuts, but on a pair of jeans with 13" thighs, I would love to see a higher rise than 11.25".
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