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Thank you.
All, Does anyone here know what the Regent and Madison fit mean for BB's dress pants? Thanks, JD
All, What do you think of solid colored silk pocket squares? I don't have many PS at this point and am considering buying several solid colored ones, however, I am not sure how versatile they might be... Thanks, JD
All, I am in the market for a Kingsgate trenchcoat and was thinking of going to London sometimes in January. Can anyone tell me whether Aquascutum has sales, and whether their trenches are part of it (and also when the sales start and end...) Many thanks! JD
I think this is worth trying to compile, but the best way to do so would be using some kind of poll...
Back from the dead... I was in London a few weeks ago and bought a suit at Aquascutum (I size 40). I also tried the Kingsgate and the Fairmount trench coats. For the Fairmount, I was advised to take 1 size up, whereas for the Kingsgate (the full size db one), the size 40 worked fine. I didn't buy it then but am thinking about it now.
All, Would you know of a good tutorial on what an Italian cut v. English v. French, etc, might look like? Many thanks, JD
The description says "Italian cashmere, knitted in Scotland"...? Many thanks! JD
Quote: Originally Posted by Amar ezzahi Budapest is a last? Or just a style of shoes (like derby or oxford)? Both.
Hi, Could someone explain to me what goyser sewn means, and how it relates to Goodyear and Norvegian? Also, I'm having difficulties understanding the various Vass lasts. U and F are clear enough, and I'd love some explanation on the other ones (Budapester, New Peter, Banana, etc). Many thanks! JD
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