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Hi, To what extent is it possible to make a pocket square out of an old tie, and what compromises would one have to make? Thanks, JD
This is a great resource, thank you. In which of those books would I find good odd jacket fabrics, outside of tweeds?
Hi all, How would you characterize a Summer tie? Color? Materials? Thickness? All of the above? What are your favorite Summer ties? Thanks, JD
Thank you.
Hi all, I have difficulties seeing the difference between shepherd's check and gingham. Could someone help me? Thanks, JD
I'm looking for suggestions on Summer outerwear coat / jackets, something that can be worn with slacks & a linen shirt for example. Thanks, JD
Those are very nice. What are they made with? Are those vintage buttons?
This is a great thread, thanks all!
Sold, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons beautiful shoes. wipe the soles with a damp, warm cloth and take the pictures again, it would help. Here is a picture of the soles, cleaned up as you suggested.
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