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I'm looking for suggestions on Summer outerwear coat / jackets, something that can be worn with slacks & a linen shirt for example. Thanks, JD
Those are very nice. What are they made with? Are those vintage buttons?
This is a great thread, thanks all!
Sold, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons beautiful shoes. wipe the soles with a damp, warm cloth and take the pictures again, it would help. Here is a picture of the soles, cleaned up as you suggested.
Those shoes are sold, thanks. All, I have a pair of Vass shoes for your consideration. They are: - Budapest - Oxford model - U last - 6125 Dark cognac boxcalf - Double sole - Size 9 (UK sizes) or 43 (EU sizes) I ordered them to go with tweeds & cords and I decided the U last and Oxford style were more elegant than what I wanted. I have worn them one evening. The cost is $500 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Payment via PayPal please. The...
Thank you.
All, Does anyone here know what the Regent and Madison fit mean for BB's dress pants? Thanks, JD
All, What do you think of solid colored silk pocket squares? I don't have many PS at this point and am considering buying several solid colored ones, however, I am not sure how versatile they might be... Thanks, JD
All, I am in the market for a Kingsgate trenchcoat and was thinking of going to London sometimes in January. Can anyone tell me whether Aquascutum has sales, and whether their trenches are part of it (and also when the sales start and end...) Many thanks! JD
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