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I just bought my Kingsgate calling the Regent St store and placing a mail order: 475 BP + 15 BP shipping.... They had a promo going on.
Where would the R last fit in there?
This is good to know. That would be a non starter, probably...
All, We're considering a long week-end in Budapest. Has anyone had Vass custom made shoes for them overthere? If so, what was the experience like, and how happy are you about the shoes? Thank you, JD
Thanks all for posting all those pics. Some great boots here.
Very nice, thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Both pics compliments of Gabor Halmos Vass ankle boot on the U last Those boots are lovely. Does anyone have anything else in terms of Oxford boots from Vass? Thanks, JD
Back to the top. I now have a pair in on R last and a pair on the F last. Where would the other last (esp. Peter / New Peter) fit in the Vass continuum? Please add your comments for the other lasts: - Budapester: Hi toe-box, probably very comfortable, definitely more country than city (based on the London standards) - R last: Very Brit'. Rounded toe, but not too slick. - F last: Also a rounded toe, but rather slicker. Probably a bit tighter than the R last for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny Not a myth - the seamless whole cut has been done by Corthay. Great pics on on the French shoe-philes' Depedencap: Dimitri Gomez, not Corthay.
Wow... Thanks so much, I would never have guessed it.
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