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Back to the top. I now have a pair in on R last and a pair on the F last. Where would the other last (esp. Peter / New Peter) fit in the Vass continuum? Please add your comments for the other lasts: - Budapester: Hi toe-box, probably very comfortable, definitely more country than city (based on the London standards) - R last: Very Brit'. Rounded toe, but not too slick. - F last: Also a rounded toe, but rather slicker. Probably a bit tighter than the R last for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny Not a myth - the seamless whole cut has been done by Corthay. Great pics on on the French shoe-philes' Depedencap: Dimitri Gomez, not Corthay.
Wow... Thanks so much, I would never have guessed it.
Hmm... Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I am now realizing that there are several items on the label. Can someone tell me what this says? It probably means that the main fabric is cotton, but just to be sure....
Hi, I just bought a jacket which only has a Japanese fabric label, and I'd like to know if it's cotton or linen (it feels like linen and was sold as such, I'm just curious). Could anyone point me to the way those two materials are "spelled" in traditional Japanese ideograms? Thanks, JD
Hi, To what extent is it possible to make a pocket square out of an old tie, and what compromises would one have to make? Thanks, JD
This is a great resource, thank you. In which of those books would I find good odd jacket fabrics, outside of tweeds?
Hi all, How would you characterize a Summer tie? Color? Materials? Thickness? All of the above? What are your favorite Summer ties? Thanks, JD
Thank you.
Hi all, I have difficulties seeing the difference between shepherd's check and gingham. Could someone help me? Thanks, JD
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