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Very nice!
Nice sweater - what's the name of that color? Is it the elusive Perth Green?
Great thread - thanks to the OP.
Nice, especially the last two. The pic doesn't look like MOP.
All, On a custom pair of shoes, if quarters touch out of the box, are they likely to get too big over time? Thanks, JD
Thank you!
I really like the mocs they have in the new, "Claridge", line. They're like a wholecut mocassin. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, I can't find a detailed pic I could save on my HD. The site uses some kind of flash player. Thanks, JD
Here are my new Vass; they just arrived today. We were in Budapest in September and I got my feet measured at that time. Alt Wien MTM on the New Peter last, in burgundy:
Thanks all. I suspect the ambiguity is between the 40R jacket size and the 40 chest size, as explained by GoldenTribe.
I always buy M, but I have seen size tables (e.g., the Drakes' cashmere cardigan) which make a 40 chest size a small. I'm a bit puzzled. Of course, generally I understand that it's best to try and see what fits. I'm just curious what the industry standards are... Thanks, JD
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