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I've wondered the same. I've picked up a pair on sale at Tate+Yoko (black, relaxed). I like them.
If you have big thighs from lifting, you might have big quads, which means you need jeans with relaxed upper leg throughout, including at the knees.
Does anyone know whether Filson does sales, and if so when should the next one be?
I'm interested in finding another model that would fit like the SD-101, which I find extremely comfy.
Anyone here has had problems with pocket bags? I have had to replace the pocket bags on a IH-1955S and reinforce them on a pair of SD-101. Anyone else with big thighs encountered that kind of problem?
If anyone is interested, I have put a pair of 510XX21oz up for sale on eBay, item # 321223559942 . Cheers.
All, Is it doable to resize jeans at the waist? I have big thighs for my waist and right now the only jeans that fit me are the Iron Heart 1955. I'd like to broaden my horizons a bit, but to get comfortable thigh measurement, I would need to size up one size in waist. Can that be easily corrected? Thanks, JD
Yes really. I do some barbell weightlifting, and despite the fact that I am not very strong my quads are too big to fit comfortably in most jeans. It's mostly an issue while seating down of course. Most relaxed cuts tapper too fast to the knee. To fit me, the knees really need to be 10+ inches because the quads bulge just above the knee. This is hard to find on a 34" waist (I'm talking about fully shrunk measurements here). Many weightlifters cannot find jeans that...
Yes, those are all lovely but they are too tight in the legs. I need something with a 34 waist and at least 13.5+ thighs, and 10+ knees. I've found the IH 1955 works. There are probably others but they're hard to find.
I'd love to see more relaxed cuts being offered, similar to the Iron Heart 1955, or I suppose any 1955 cut.
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