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Hi - new to the thread so I'm sure my question has been asked before but I can't find the answer so far. Why are some buckles available with Bakers leather and some only available with bridle leather? Thanks!
All - I'm seeking recommendations for regular straight (not skinny, not slim, not too tapered) 5-pocket cords. Right now, my best option seems to be Patagonia, and I'm hoping people here might have other recommendations. Iron Heart used to make them but doesn't anymore. Another Jpz brand would be great but I'll take any quality maker. Thanks!
They were posted here a long time ago:
My shoe is on the Oscar last actually.
That would make sense. Thank you!
All - I have a pair of shoes marked 732-8-80152 . What is the meaning of '732' and '8'? I know the '80152' number is the model. Thank you.
SD-101 is straight leg that's why I was curious.
Are the WWII jeans the same cut as the SD-101?
I've wondered the same. I've picked up a pair on sale at Tate+Yoko (black, relaxed). I like them.
If you have big thighs from lifting, you might have big quads, which means you need jeans with relaxed upper leg throughout, including at the knees.
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