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UPDATE FROM GERMANY: pretty much every department store in Germany carries tons of suits in 38L (and even 36L). Euro brands like Hugo Boss, etc, but even brands like Tommy Hilfiger, who don't sell that size in the US.
^ Shorts, only pair I have that really look good (i.e. are thin and long enough) is Nice Collective. Button ups, custom is your only option. I've been really happy with vmclothiers.com, but there's a bunch of other sites that offer similar products. They can do either casual or work length shirts (work length is obviously longer so you can tuck it all in). Polos: ehhh experiment with having waists on polos and shirts taken in at the tailor. Not perfect, but better than...
I don't why the WSJ keeps repeating this "all premium jeans are made in the US" thing. Lots (most) of premium US mens jeans are made in Italy.
great looking fabric! looks very Japanese, sorta like Nudie's Dry Japan
What's interesting about the show is the total, 100% candor of the people in the episodes I've seen, and the very non-judgmental way the program tells their narratives. "This is what happened, this is what I did, this is what happened next." I doubt that most people who did time in an American prison would be so forthcoming on national television, for many different reasons (they're ashamed of their crime, don't want to incriminate themselves further, want to put it...
I've never found anything there for myself but have seen some steals in other sizes: http://www.designerresaleconsignment.com/ Apart from that, my only advice is stay the hell away from the designer outlet mall north of the city (blanking on the name)-- it's more picked over than an antelope carcass in the Kalahari (zing!) and most of the stuff is just made for outlet crap to sell to tourists, who come in by the busfull.
i like the hipper, significantly cheaper Livemocha.com WAAAAAY better than Rosetta Stone
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle i have $150 in amex gift cards let me know! Correct me if I'm wrong but can't these be used on anything? Why would you sell them?
price drops-- will only remain on sale through tomorrow
price drop-- will only be on sale through tomorrow
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