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Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle i have $150 in amex gift cards let me know! Correct me if I'm wrong but can't these be used on anything? Why would you sell them?
price drops-- will only remain on sale through tomorrow
price drop-- will only be on sale through tomorrow
1) Michael Kors mainline shirt. Tagged S, fits M. p2p 20.5, length 26.25 boc. Condition 8/10. Perfect spring/summer shirt. Gingham is dark navy and white. 100% cotton. MSRP $145. Asking $40 shipped CONUS $50 2) Fred Perry gingham shirt. Size M. Wore about 3 times. Condition 9/10. Black and white with light pink squares. p2p 20.75, length 28.75 boc. 100% cotton. MSRP ? Asking $30 shipped CONUS $40 3) Cheap monday plaid shirt. Sz M. Worn once. Condition 9/10. 100%...
For sale: Ralph Lauren Black Label seersucker pants, brand new with store tags. Waist 16'', outseam 43'', inseam 33.75'', hem 9'', front rise (top of waistband to crotch seam) 10'', back rise 15.75'', crotch seam to outseam 10.5''. Fabric is not typical seersucker-- color is off white, almost cream, and the stripes are small threads of stainless steel (!). 86% cotton, 7% polyester, 7% inox (i.e. stainless steel). Made in Italy. Like-new condition. Fit: adult 30. Like,...
Well done, my son! Now tell us what all those new shoes are.
price drop
Do ANYTHING but law school. Seriously, spend 3 years in any job known to man, spend a fifth of law school tuition in extra classes or paying experts to teach you their job, and you will be making more and happier in life than 99% of recent and future JDs. People, STOP GOING TO FUCKING LAW SCHOOL!
Pulp Fiction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. K. Sebastian, Thanks for the advice. I will keep it in mind. Currently shopping for a suit and considering MTM in order to get the coat length just right. No prob, although honestly, for a 6'6'' guy the rules start to get tossed out the window If you're showing a bit of bottom on the 42L, don't sweat it I say. Jackets have been getting higher and higher over the past decade anyhow.
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