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Thanks for your good comments Deppitm--Yeah, scandinavian brands like H&M (perfect fit-- wish their quality was better, too) seem best for sweaters due to long arms and body and slim chest. Thanks for the tip on SNS Herning!They're pricey but Burberry mediums (actual London or Brit-- they stuff they make for Nordstrom and such are cut more big in the chest) are excellent for us. Their styles can vary but ALL Saints Spitalfields mediums and even smalls can work. EDUN is...
it's $10 + shipping at the website of its publisher, McSweeney's: http://store.mcsweeneys.net/index.cfm/fuseaction/catalog.detail/object_id/637bd0ab-85f5-4429-8203-7b7bf5297013/LuckyPeachIssue1.cfm
^ good style from some style blog
link link good style!
very nice
I like this chick from the J Crew website:
She have a fashion blog? Good styleEDIT: the source is this blog post at TheStyleBlog
^ although I agree in theory, in practice stripes aren't so crazy on the tall/skinny as long as clothing proportions are kept reasonable. I'm on the left wearing a 36L pinstripe suit from Marks & Spencer:
Dear Tom, Good luck in Europe. Your brand will never sell in the USA, where until a few years ago, even *messenger bags* "looked gay" to a large part of the male population. Purses and other more experimental bags for men have an extremely limited market in the US: basically a couple dozen (at most) sons of millionaires and billionaires who live in NYC and LA. That said, walking around with most of the bags in your pictures would certainly get you beaten up in most...
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