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I'm a fan-- like them better than my actual (and pricier) 2xist undies. But it seems like the line is maybe being discontinued? only has a handful of styles currently.
Astier de Villatte candle, Mantes-La-Jolie fragrance. This bad boy is $75 (50€) new. Official site: "Unabashed citrus notes of Mentha citrata, crunchy green-stem notes with fragrant accents, and the instant freshness of eucalyptus recreate a display of fresh herbs, transporting you to a village market." I burned it a few times. 85% of its wax is left. Nice scent, but have enough candles already. Alexander Wang raved about this candle to GQ. If that's not enough to make...
Bought this and never used it. Waxed cotton lunch bag from Artifact Bag Co. Cool piece-- just don't need it. According to their website: "American-made Horween leather strap, tab, and rivet washers American-made 14 oz waxed canvas Hand hammered solid copper rivets" more info at their website. MSRP is $65 + shipping. SOLD!!
Allen Edmonds Evanston, 10D. Worn about 5 times. Just don't need them, so selling. Originally $350. Was phased out of production in 2010, now hard to come by. SOLD Leather sole, rubber heel, made in the USA of imported leather. These pictures are taken under bright indoor light. They are more muted in normal light. Some normal wear, which you can see. ~ 12.25'' length ~ 4 3/8'' at widest
Bought this, nice piece but don't need it. I'm in Germany. On Ebay in the last week this has gone from anywhere from below list price to $400 depending on the auction. I want to get rid of this in the least pain in the ass way to me. It's yours for $325 plus shipping from Germany. Reasonable offers will be listened to but go too low and I'll try Ebay. 100% wool, made in Romania. Single vent. BNWT, perfect condition. Comes with crazy leopard print suit bag.
sorry to hear it man-- SF is behind you
Thanks for your good comments Deppitm--Yeah, scandinavian brands like H&M (perfect fit-- wish their quality was better, too) seem best for sweaters due to long arms and body and slim chest. Thanks for the tip on SNS Herning!They're pricey but Burberry mediums (actual London or Brit-- they stuff they make for Nordstrom and such are cut more big in the chest) are excellent for us. Their styles can vary but ALL Saints Spitalfields mediums and even smalls can work. EDUN is...
it's $10 + shipping at the website of its publisher, McSweeney's:
^ good style from some style blog
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