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bump: 5€ off each price
I don't think so? I have never seen a Long sized anything jacket or suit at Zara. Nor their website.
Bottega Veneta Pour Homme (with mint box) - 99% full - 1.7 oz (50mL) - 55€ (new 65€) Tom Ford Extreme - 30% full (bottle has some wear) - 1.7 oz (50mL) - 40€ (new 130€) Terre d'Hermes Parfum (NOTE this is the newer parfum version, not the eau de toilette) - 95% full - 2.5oz - no box - 80€ (new 95€) Kinski - 99% full (with mint box) -3.5oz (100ml) - more info - 100€ (new €117) YSL M7 Oud Absolu - 80% full (no box) - 80mL - 40€ - (new 60€) Tom Ford bronzing gel (for...
sterling silver ring from German cult brand Werkstatt München. Worn like twice. Pretty much like new with perhaps a couple tiny scratches that only come from normal wear. Would be good for a thumb ring and/or guy with normal/large digits. Werkstatt München RING "HAMMERED ROUGH" - gorgeous hammered silver pattern, maker's marks inside Size L / 65.5 MM (circumference of interior) seen...
Measurements? Pit to pit, length (bottom of collar to hem), sleeve (should seam to cuff) ? Thanks
I've had luck with their pants but the tops I'm pretty sure will be too short in body and arms for you :/
it was de rigeur in NYC and Europe this past year. Just bring a picture and say long on top, short on the sides to your hairdresser and they'll know what you want.
If you're over 30, start using a product with Retinol. I use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair moisturizer before going to bed, but there's a bunch of different ones. Seems to work darn well and not expensive at all. An article from Vogue about this stuff: http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/the-return-to-retinol/
Men's jackets can have one vent (slit) in the back, double vents, or zero. Double vent works best for the skinny man.Winter coat: you have to stick to slim brands (i.e. the ones mentioned in this thread), and then a style that's naturally long in the body (for instance, car coats, some pea coats, toggle coats, etc). A tailor can make arms longer by an inch or so if there is enough fabric in there. If you're in Britain, maybe try All Saints, which is slim cut and often long...
a) It's too soon to really judge Saint Laurent mens based on these. Hedi barely had time to crank Mens S/S 13 out and it was shown only to buyers without a proper fashion show. Let's wait for his first proper runway collection. b) That said, I agree that it's largely underwhelming. The dress shoes are great, but overpriced, which brings me to c) Prices are outrageous. $500 black T-shirt?
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