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Mohair question: Does mohair twill exist? The two best-performing fabrics I have in my wardrobe are an 8 oz mohair/wool blend, which drapes beautifully like a fabric thrice its weight, and a cavalry twill which hasn't required cleaning in 6 years. Seems like the best imaginable suiting fabric from my perspective would be a mid-weight mohair twill...
Anyone received their jackets from Chan's summer US tour yet? I have a 22oz dugdale peacoat coming
That's not at all going to look like another aging 80's relic in Van's decrepit downtown 😒So many modern architects seem incapable of recognizing how their projects will look 30 years from now
I've had a few suits made by them, even in 16 oz, fitted in HK, and they're not perfectly clean. They're better than the OP's but not what I think one deserves with the price point. That being said, I've never had a clean back, even from SR, so I've come to the conclusion that it's simply not commercially available in this day and age.
Lightweight fabric and grey color is the worst combination for showing fitting flaws, and I don't really think one can expect a tailor like Chan to churn out clean backs regardless. The only well-fitting light grey back I think I've ever seen was Jeffery D. I used to canvas the back of my sleeves to smooth out the ripples, it actually worked quite well, you might consider doing that yourself.
Custom designed jodphurs off a last I carved myself. More Western looking than I thought but will work for casual wear.
I'll keep using them too, simply because they have my pattern and the guys there are nice; but I don't feel like I'm getting a 'deal' anymore. I don't have an alternative recommendation, but if this Sifu guy is cheaper and it's still full canvassing then I say go for it.
^my info is mostly from 2009 so this is the first I've heard of Lai Sifu; I say if it's cheaper than Yao or Chan then go for it... I've had suits made from both before and don't think they're particularly a good value especially since their prices are soaring. Sure Chan has nice stitching and whatnot but it's the fit that matters. I'm obsessed with high armholes so make sure to tell your tailors BEFOREHAND that you want super high armholes (tell them it's ok if it's...
I just got measured for a very slim fitting bespoke peacoat... I think thick fabric paired with a close fit is the most flattering look in tailoring. Everybody has baggy overcoats and their volume requires less tailoring, so I think a guy can really stand out if he puts in the effort to have a slim cut one.
😳 They made me a suit in a week last time I was in HK. Is there anyway to get it faster?
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