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^Thailand is only a good deal for fused fronts, full canvassing is only offered at a few establishments at unfriendly prices. Their canvassing honestly is probably worse than good quality fusing. If your jacket is slim fitting, the difference between fused and canvassed is minimal, and ONLY if the canvassing is done well which it often isn't.
Agreed, I would go so far as to say we have more obsession here, especially with regards to 'fit', than even most of the tailors themselves, not just their customers. SF brought fit to the forefront of many customers' minds, as it was the first time ever that clients could compare and analyze each other's garments in photos. It's very hard, for example, to care much or notice a shoulder ripple when you're at say an afternoon fitting and late to something else, looking at...
Well said.
Very nice, most definitely not a sack. Thanks for posting Any back pics?
The only clear, reliable fit pics I've ever seen of SR suits have been underwhelming, with the exception of course of Vox's, though their unadulterated nature has been questioned. Combined with multiple tailors' claims that the Row has substantially declined, the only reasonable assumption from a lay person like myself is that the fit isn't that great anymore. I'm open to changing my mind if someone has pics to the contrary? .
Considering the only photographic evidence we've seen of SR over the years has been ill-fitting sacks, with the exception perhaps of Steed, then I think RTW would be right up the Row's alley.
^Very nice. I might try Mr. Hui if I'm ever in HK again. Though SF has to be careful not to ruin him like it did WW Chan lol.
I've used them for 5+ years with no complaints; they perform and look better than the Harrison's I've tried. I've never seen a negative comment about them, I think the old rich snobs ignore Dugdale because it's inexpensive and doesn't have the status symbol of more expensive mills, rather than any legitimate concern about quality.Does Hui have a website?
What are his price points and do you know of any pics anywhere? Maybe you could review him if it hasn't been done yet.Those pagoda shoulders look well done. I don't care how nice the shop is if the tailoring is good.
I think you guys mean Cape Breeze by Dugdale: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=564 What Mr. Hui told you is confirmed by my tailor here in the US as well- it looks and behaves much heavier than it actually is. It's my sole suiting fabric now, it'll be hard to use anything else. Who is Mr. Hui and how does he compare?
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