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You need to buy higher boots, no other solution. I have no idea why the hell they sell ankle boots where this is an inevitable problem; I wasted so much $ on boots that were too short and my trousers always got stuck in them. I just go bespoke now and get them a few inches higher, never had the problem again.
Who's the tailor? Impressive back
His suits are almost always too tight; pretty amateur mistake on the part of the designer. They really should be using a stretch wool so it doesn't look like a seam will explode every time he makes an action move
My impression was that the degree itself is pretty useless except for the networking opportunities being in school provides. Would be happy to be corrected though. Also, I assume this thread is for American JDs.
I don't know why anyone would risk side effects on their schlong with those pills, so I've been using hair-thickening serums and sprays. It's impossible to say if they're working or not since I don't want to risk stopping for 6 months to ascertain a control. I grow my hair out at the temples and bangs and hairdry forward; use some paste to keep it in place. It works well. My hope is by the time it gets bad enough I will be rich enough to afford surgery; if I still care...
Anybody know of any ties that are thin but still normal width (not skinny)? Trend seems to be for thicker ties for fatter knots, but I need a slim knot for a very narrow spread collar shirt I have. Thanks
Mohair question: Does mohair twill exist? The two best-performing fabrics I have in my wardrobe are an 8 oz mohair/wool blend, which drapes beautifully like a fabric thrice its weight, and a cavalry twill which hasn't required cleaning in 6 years. Seems like the best imaginable suiting fabric from my perspective would be a mid-weight mohair twill...
Anyone received their jackets from Chan's summer US tour yet? I have a 22oz dugdale peacoat coming
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