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Custom designed jodphurs off a last I carved myself. More Western looking than I thought but will work for casual wear.
I'll keep using them too, simply because they have my pattern and the guys there are nice; but I don't feel like I'm getting a 'deal' anymore. I don't have an alternative recommendation, but if this Sifu guy is cheaper and it's still full canvassing then I say go for it.
^my info is mostly from 2009 so this is the first I've heard of Lai Sifu; I say if it's cheaper than Yao or Chan then go for it... I've had suits made from both before and don't think they're particularly a good value especially since their prices are soaring. Sure Chan has nice stitching and whatnot but it's the fit that matters. I'm obsessed with high armholes so make sure to tell your tailors BEFOREHAND that you want super high armholes (tell them it's ok if it's...
I just got measured for a very slim fitting bespoke peacoat... I think thick fabric paired with a close fit is the most flattering look in tailoring. Everybody has baggy overcoats and their volume requires less tailoring, so I think a guy can really stand out if he puts in the effort to have a slim cut one.
😳 They made me a suit in a week last time I was in HK. Is there anyway to get it faster?
Just ordered a new coat on their tour, anyone know how long it takes to be made and shipped? Wasn't sure if it'd be like a week or several months.
buy slightly above your true size, get dr scholls or something padded insert, have cobbler add thin foam layer to bottom of outside sole. makes a huge difference. all-leather shoes are totally incomprehensible to me
Seems unlikely to me that mankind fits nicely into exactly 4 categories of coloration correlated to the seasons. I don't think that junk works for anyone but seasoned makeup artists. Only thing I can say is that northern europeans tend to look bad in white shirts and any non-neutral/non-earth tones for other shirts; southern europeans and asians can get away with the white shirt/black suit combo. In other words, the tanner you get the more you can get away with without...
Get the cheapest fabric from Chan if you go that route... while they do have multiple 'fittings' I don't feel like they actually put that much effort in making an immaculate fit, it's more to validate length and stuff. E.g. they're not using ironwork to take out every possible ripple and the like.
I'm trying to find chelseas or any boot with a distinctive chisel toe that aren't $500 RMW or $1000 Carminas... Loake appears to have some around $200 but I can't tell if it's actually a chisel toe. Thanks
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