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Anyone have any experience with getting a close-fitting jacket without all that feminine waist suppression? I've struggled with this for years in my bespoke suits... I recall reading Jeffery D or someone's analysis of Neapolitan tailoring, where he described this method of cutting close to the body without nipping the waist like most tailors overdo.
Anyone here have any recommendations for a mens foundation or something to conceal redness and dark puffiness under the eyes? I've tested a lot of products, watched a lot of youtube videos, and even had my gf put some stuff on my face and it always looks like obvious makeup. The powder stuff even infected my eye. I'm at the point where I'd really rather take the ego hit of wearing something than look like a sunburnt ghost that hasn't slept in 3 days.
It seems to be a common warning that DBs enlarge and draw attention to the hips, and men who don't want that area accentuated should avoid them. I wonder though if the DB really does do that any more than the single-breasted. It could simply be due to the fact that DB are often poorly-tailored and not cut slim enough around the hips; or that men are wearing belts, pant pockets that bulge, or simply putting too much junk in their jacket pockets. The background...
Trudeau proved today that the 3-piece is over; maybe it's the fact that he looks like he's 16 years old, but the vest just looks like costume and it detracted from his gravitas IMHO.
Anyone know how to lightly fade a solid black t-shirt to charcoal without bleach? Bleach tends to do weird things like make it green or purple, since, as I understand it, most black dye is really just a very dark color. Soak in salt? Solid black seems too much like a waiter or art student to me
peacoat, slim
You need to buy higher boots, no other solution. I have no idea why the hell they sell ankle boots where this is an inevitable problem; I wasted so much $ on boots that were too short and my trousers always got stuck in them. I just go bespoke now and get them a few inches higher, never had the problem again.
Who's the tailor? Impressive back
His suits are almost always too tight; pretty amateur mistake on the part of the designer. They really should be using a stretch wool so it doesn't look like a seam will explode every time he makes an action move
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