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I'm trying to find chelseas or any boot with a distinctive chisel toe that aren't $500 RMW or $1000 Carminas... Loake appears to have some around $200 but I can't tell if it's actually a chisel toe. Thanks
I don't think full canvassing with TOT is really that good of value. Full canvassing is really only 'icing on the cake' with that extra body in the fronts and lapel when the fit is perfect elsewhere. TOT will most likely have sleeve and trouser ripples which wouldnt be masked by any marginal benefit of haicloth in the jacket. Get full canvassing in HK or Italy.
Anyone ever thought of this or tried it? Sometimes the unbuttoned look is more flattering, especially with three piece suits it seems like it'd make sense to take in the waist a lot and maybe reinforce the fronts with haircloth so it would hang better unbuttoned. A lot of my jackets drape like bags when they're unbuttoned, despite having quality canvassing Would the front dart and side seams be the places to take it in?
'Prestigious'? Are you a 20 year old Korean girl? An ambitious London banker? Sorry man but you really gotta reevaluate some of your values. The "ex med student" story is as old as time in professional circles- lemme guess, she spent a ton of time at school/hospital and was emotionally distant, making you insecure, but she was kinda clever and witty, and now you can't get over it. We all go through some variety of that at some point. Just so you know, the majority of...
^ I see, thanks. Signature Craftsmans don't come in narrow widths right? I think I'd want to size up and go narrower to ensure it has a sleek appearance, but the website implies they just have normal and wide widths.
So the signature craftsman uses a different last than the other craftsmans? What do you mean by 'deeper' toe shape?
^ah, good to know. I noticed that there's seems to be a lot of variety in how chelseas crease so I'm glad to know a good fit wil mitigate it.
The problem is if they get too many creases like the ones below, I don't see how they could be dress boots anymore... I could see this happening in all chelsea/jodhpur boots.
Is there a way to prevent the lateral wrinkles that seem to form on these boots at the top of the foot? I like how these boots look new but am worried they'll lose their smooth finish quickly
Is the Burnham chelsea boot available RTW anywhere? Was it discontinued? I'm looking for an 11.5 or 12, darker color
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