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Priced to move. Any questions just pm me. Thanks! B.Son Waxed Cotton Peacoat, size Large. Worn once. Pit to pit: 21 inches Collar to bottom: 30 inches $200. Spruce (Wings and Horns) Green Tiger Fleece Hoodie, size Medium. Worn a few times. Still in excellent condition. Classic Fit. Riri zippers. Color more vibrant than picture suggests. Pit to pit: 20 inches Collar to bottom: 22 inches SOLD Spruce (Wings and Horns) White Hoodie, size Large. Worn a bit. Lots of life...
The Eternals were soaked once around seven months in hot water with a little soap, then hot washed and dried at about ten months after a cereal accident. Nothing since.
Eternal 811. Approximately 16 months.
Eternal 811. 1 year. Soaked once, washed once.
Get Smart and Warlock, if you have any old shirts you'd like to part with, I'm willing to take them off your hands
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 You guys are fucking up this thread. Just for that, here's what I wore in 1989. Critiques? Guy in the INSTED shirt!
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart um. yea. NOT Lockjaw>Dwid anyone remember when Integrity (actually just Dwid) got BEAT DOWN by Rose City Bootboys (in Portland) in the early 2000s? I remember that. I still like Integrity, though. And OLC.
Eternal 811. 8 months.
Had and still have the pullover Hornets jacket. Have a Bulls one too.
Quote: Originally Posted by DucatiCole Has anyone had a chance to get some serious miles on their GTs yet? I'd like to see how they look once they've been beat in a bit. Scroll up. As for the Obenauf thing, I have Pecards. Will that cut it?
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