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Well I have a bit of a mixed review about raleigh denim. I emailed them asking if they could customised anything and Victor is not able to help out and they are really stopping any custom made pairs now due to supplying to the big boys in the fashion industry which is cool. Pretty prompt responses until I requested if I can just have a pair tapered and weeks (or months) later a reply came asking me for measurements, i emailed back promptly and weeks later.. till today...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kittypunk $150 Shipped my email; LOL you are a joke.
You can't be serious right? Ugly just have a new definition.
Ok my leather wallets have been destroying my formal work pants... Now that will be great for my denim but bad news for my pants as I want them to look elegant not rugged. Anyone can recommend any soft leather wallets that don't destroy the back pocket of my pants? Thanks!
How is the texture on the future denim? Hairy? Slubby?
Are the sizing measured using BIG method? Cause they seems to run small
Nice!!!! Love the collar!
Which model of Triple Works are you guys getting? In future denim??
Mauro will you be carrying that N&F 24oz thingy?
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