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Nice!!!! Love the collar!
Which model of Triple Works are you guys getting? In future denim??
Mauro will you be carrying that N&F 24oz thingy?
love this thread.........
Legit Seller! Free Bump for you!
How will moleskin pants age? I work in an office environment and often have to meet up with external customers, just want to make sure that it ages in a dressy kinda way
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B I will most likely be changing that title for the betterment of my sale. There are a few things I will most likely never get around to using but only because, well I don't have a good reason. Pics to come but everything is in new or close to it condition. All items shipped via USPS priority, preferably within the CONUS The first: Church Sovereign Slippers $100 SHIPPED Black Velvet w/ Crown emblem UK 7.5...
O boy... y do you need so much pockets in a pair of jeans... it is ugly. hate it.
Picture of Sole: Very comfortable high quality Sole.... forgive me but I am not sure of the material. Tons of life left!
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