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Very soft processed cotton tee with elongated length and a slimish fit to portray a sleeker silhouette. U neck design to keep out the summer heat. Worn just a handful of times. Measurement: Chest (pit to pit) = 44cm / 17.4" Sleeves = 18.5cm / 7.4" Length = 76.5cm / 30.2" $37 Shipped anywhere.
I did a One Wash (Air Dried) on this brand new pair of Oni Blue (Just tried on only), everything is good except that I am not feeling the back pockets, so selling it off. The slubby fabric they used on Oni is intense! This is almost like wearing a pair of sandpaper which is very cool. Interesting texture that will produce head turning fade over time due to the slub and unbleached weft. Going for $199 Shipped (from Singapore). Firm. Am losing out a lot of $$ on a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor That email is not from a Japanese person. End of story. Either there is a western person working at that mill, or you made it up. Japanese do study overseas. Weird Stuff.
Well I have a bit of a mixed review about raleigh denim. I emailed them asking if they could customised anything and Victor is not able to help out and they are really stopping any custom made pairs now due to supplying to the big boys in the fashion industry which is cool. Pretty prompt responses until I requested if I can just have a pair tapered and weeks (or months) later a reply came asking me for measurements, i emailed back promptly and weeks later.. till today...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kittypunk $150 Shipped my email; e_mail_tong@hotmail.com LOL you are a joke.
You can't be serious right? Ugly just have a new definition.
Ok my leather wallets have been destroying my formal work pants... Now that will be great for my denim but bad news for my pants as I want them to look elegant not rugged. Anyone can recommend any soft leather wallets that don't destroy the back pocket of my pants? Thanks!
How is the texture on the future denim? Hairy? Slubby?
Are the sizing measured using BIG method? Cause they seems to run small
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