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How bout just some verbal details that sets it apart from others, Mauro?
There's this guy in the japanese denim magazine who have amazing fading jeans working in the kitchen. So yes, just wear em hard!
Now let's go to the root of the problem.... Why Versace jeans?
Ya I think its a good Levis pruchase as well. Love the fit pic...
Final price reduction!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Louis Toadvine http://www.zigzagshoes.net/ Thanks! but somehow they look less impressive in their website lol
Quote: Originally Posted by connor These have my name written all over it.... What are they?
Surprisingly something I like from Timberland...
Those APC shoes at context are tempting.... but heard that the quality is shoddy
Price Reduction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pricing includes shipping to anywhere
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