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Quote: Originally Posted by nomad Hey guys, the party was great and I got the chance to talk to a few sf lurkers. Today was the first day we were open and we managed to get the store up and running with a lot of hard work. We're carrying all of the regular cuts in full size runs, some highlights would be the camo wefts for Barney's Japan, the Frankenstein denim, the camel hair denim and the double wefts. Please come by the store whenever you get the time...
I agree with zissou on the stretching part... it kills the option of going for a tighter fit. Somehow I just don't feel the red lining.. it reminds me of Superman undies except its inside not outside. Maybe that's just me. Just my 2 cents....
O Mauro more info on the denim fabric please.... what's so different? Am hoping for something that fades differently...... not the same old same old...
How bout just some verbal details that sets it apart from others, Mauro?
There's this guy in the japanese denim magazine who have amazing fading jeans working in the kitchen. So yes, just wear em hard!
Now let's go to the root of the problem.... Why Versace jeans?
Ya I think its a good Levis pruchase as well. Love the fit pic...
Final price reduction!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Louis Toadvine http://www.zigzagshoes.net/ Thanks! but somehow they look less impressive in their website lol
Quote: Originally Posted by connor These have my name written all over it.... What are they?
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