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wear em as pajamas, Junior
Any sizing advice??? Same as other wolverines???
Both patches are fine but am really surprised that Jimmy C made that comment. Thumbs down for him.
LOL thread.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dolorosa To be completely honest, I didn't pay enough attention. I was distracted by the pocket lining. I would hope the hardware would be nicer considering the 2x price, but I'm not sure. I'll probably go back at some point this week so I might ask then. I guess they were made for some Fashion Week or something going on at South Coast. A picture speaks a thousand words... If you could take some pictures that will...
Erm how's the fabric and construction??
I think sizing down one will be perfect
I find their fittings are pretty awful not to mention the wash... yucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by sle-z-e One of the better things about these jeans is that there was no pre-manufacturing hype, construction flaws, and internet drama surrounding them (read: FARINELLI'S). Hail Epaulet! Thanks Mike for not swearing at your customers. Little details... Stop being an ass and press on the low point in another individual's career. Uncalled for.
Worn this beauty on and off for less than 20 times I think, had 1 hot soak and 2 light hand wash (to get all shrinkage away). Indigo is still very dark and hairy throughout. Most visible wear will be on back pocket, very small fadings (refer to pic). There's also a bit of fraying on the inside seam as seen in the pic, other than that everything is just pretty mint! W: 32" Rise: 9.8" Thigh: 11.5" Inseam: 32.4" (chain stitched at SE) Hem: 7.1" (Knee portion is...
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