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Agreed. The color combinations are over the top... too loud for me. But the workmanship seems decent. Do you have any other little pig project to share?
They are not coming apart but somehow the top leather shrinks showing the bottom piece? Weird.. never encountered this before
Anyone with the same issue on the loose stitch? I have clocked less than 20 wears on them.. is this normal? And is it fine to use Saphir Cordovan Neutral Cream for #8 shell? Heard that it is best not to use neutral?
They are Frans Boone #8 Parajumper Boots..on grant last. Maybe because of the lighting, they seem lighter in the picture.
My first pair of Alden... bought a new pair of denim with smaller leg opening to make them work. Anyone actually built their wardrobe around Alden shoes? Upside: I can wear them as dress shoes as well.
I don't think these need any introduction. And of course this is the best version in grey suede which gives the best worn outcome. I don't really wear them aggressively so no tears and holes. Take a look at the sole, still tons of life left! $350 Shipped. Outsole measurement 29.5cm, can accommodate us8 to us9. My actual foot measurement is 26.5cm in length ... fits me nicely.
Slow fader? I only wear denims over the weekend and would want something that is less stubborn...
Anyone knows how to fix the dent on my engineer boots? Wet them and push the leather out?
Whoa... first bad review I read about Self Edge! There must be some misunderstanding? Kiya, Gordon and Jay provide the best customer service in the dry denim market...
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