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Any leather expert can tell me what are the black spots on my boots? I hope they are not molds... I clearly remember mink oiling them before I've stored them for like 6 months..... And how do I get rid of em if they are molds?? I've tried leather cleaner but to no avail. Please help, thanks!
I hate to say this but Mauro's drama is what keeps SF one notch above SUFU.
Special flowers can ship stuff without a box. Live with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by click here Ok so to order you have to ring them up? But I live in Australia > I live in Asia.. any hope of em shipping here before I call??
People are still rockin' these??
wear em as pajamas, Junior
Any sizing advice??? Same as other wolverines???
Both patches are fine but am really surprised that Jimmy C made that comment. Thumbs down for him.
LOL thread.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dolorosa To be completely honest, I didn't pay enough attention. I was distracted by the pocket lining. I would hope the hardware would be nicer considering the 2x price, but I'm not sure. I'll probably go back at some point this week so I might ask then. I guess they were made for some Fashion Week or something going on at South Coast. A picture speaks a thousand words... If you could take some pictures that will...
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