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love your t shirt......
where do you actually get those 45rpm? rakuten??
i soak my SJ in hot water for 30 mins or so.... they shrink about 1 inches or so in length.....
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock nudies after a long time, first washed in spring 2005. looks great keep it up!
yes they ARE beautiful but pricy....
wow... i can imagine how it will look after 6 months..... should be something unique!!
Vintage eagle shirt from a vintage shop in Taiwan... worn a few times.. thin fabirc. Chest around 57cm, length neck to bottom around 66cm. $25+$13, ship to US River Island Hoodie Chest 57cm length around 68cm. Got some dented marks (those marks left by hard object on thick fabric) i reckon will be gone over time, duno how it got there, bought from ebay, never worn. $35+$15 ship to us
last 20 mins
last day............
Relisted, thanks! Chance to get it again
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