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i soak my nudie dry in hot water and there's also minimal indigo lost.... (ultra mild lost)
Selling off my dior homme japan orange overdyed. Up on ebay now. http://cgi.ebay.com/Dior-Homme-Japan...QQcmdZViewItem Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
i worn my diesel for 6 years.... engineering work... no crotch tear or ripped knees.... great stuff. but the quality of diesle now i am not sure
hey man i emailed you pls get backto me asap thanks! .. sorry for that "please click reply thingy..."
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hmmm since they have great fade why not consider selling em off?
Gonna boil the kettle then pour em on my jeans inside my tub. 2 mths old..... hope to achieve shrinkage and a light indigo tone... any reason i should not do it? .. before i do it...
i agree the denim is luxurious.....
cool man... let me know if ya find any...
Coldrice any lounge lizard or pledge jeans there?
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