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Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce What is the most important thing about the t-shirt business? Wow I was about to quote this but he edited it straight away.... Nice catch Mulansauce!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star lol thanks for posting that These immature fuck nuts don't know shit. Both of those guys make over 7 figures a year on the same kind of "cheap design" shirts that I make...But yet, mine are "crappy" huh?...lol silly fucks. Anyway, I'm about to shut this topic down. What a strange forum this is. You are on the same level with them? You are a Strange Spam Bot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB As spastic as his product is it sure worked out for these guys: http://www.lifeisgood.com/ http://www.johnnycupcakes.com Erm.... no way.. those guys actually have some,by far not all, but some pretty interesting design. Fuel boy is burning all the way down. Sorry for being brutally honest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star Heh, are those actual people from the forum, or are they just Google pics? But yea, I was beginning to realize that anyway. Big mistake on my part to come here. Are there any boards on this site other than this one that my shirts might be more appealing to? Either way, Thanks for clearing it up. You really cracks me up! Damn... its not about the forum... no wait.. go to other forums pls.... spread...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star That's good, then don't say anything. O wait I found what i have to say. You are a very entertaining spam bot. I don't usually post that much you know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star lol. Thanks man Can't wait for your clothing line! When is it available again?! And I wasn't lying, they ARE selling and I only have a limited supply of them. That's why I said to be quick for the people who may have been interested. Who do you think I am, Marc Ecko? I don't have a monstrous amount of shirts in stock you know. I wasn't lying when I said for people to hurry up because I actually am down to my...
Ok Fuel Boy if after years of hardwork and thousands of dollars the design are all that you can come up with.. my advice is to take your career path elsewhere. If you want to dive into something at least make an effort to look around and brainstorm instead of printing generic mediocre crap graphic tees which you can find trillions of those all over flea markets over the world selling less than 5 bucks. Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel...
Apyeeone, Your fit is even nicer now!
Will these fade fast? Or slow like the 21ozer?
Are these "after soaked" or "Post Soaked" measurement???
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