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I Freaking Love The Rust!
seriously even before the CvF issues, i've already seen threads bashing crate's quality. Really hope those guys can change their sewing plant or something.
my 008 stretch alot.... in a short amount of time too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic it depends on what kind of distressing you want to do, but you'd need some wet/dry sandpaper and a dremel with verious sanding/grinding attachments. you'd probably have to wet your jeans wet and use clips to make creases and sand the ridges. the earnest sewn website shows them doing this if you look under 'process'. they have inflatabie 'legs' that 'wear' the jeans while they're doing this. some denim can be...
I feel you dude, sometimes you just need some variety in your life. Look around, there are a lot of nices washes around, don't need to DIY.
I think I have the first tear among the contestants, got a bit ahead of myself playing some laser gun shooting game: Before Repair: After Repair:
I have sent my request to join the contest twice, can someone help to update my nick? Thanks
O ya noticed my repair thread have similar color tone as the leather patch instead of the jeans? The reason is that once the jeans faded into whatever hue of blue, the thread will not look out of place because they attained consistency with the tone of the leather patch.
O yeah I have a marker stain on my beautiful leather patch by the factory. Are the workers pissed off or something?
My plan was to ask for a refund if my jeans have holes... and they do have.. all 4 of em... but after feeling the fabric and trying it on... any thoughts of returning the jeans vanished into thin air. They are so damn beautiful!!!! But i really really have to say this... the stitching sucks big time. Plain awful. Anyway I decided to take on the 4 holes myself. I don't believe in chemical shit like glue. I only trust traditional thread. Key point is to make them look...
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