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O damn hope mine won't turn up this way.... change the sitching company or something for next collab please.
i think pics in each post will help a lot
When will these shipped? Erm sorry if i missed any about this...
If my waist is around 32 and hip measures around 33, then a size 30 in these will give me the classic slim look or a skinny look?
How much of a difference is a 30 and a 29 in terms of hip flare?
Just ordered, got card error first time round, hope i will not be double charge My job is not that stable yet I am still spending, i hate this forum.
29 is out ... damn....
I already got a lot of slim straight... what shall I do?
If helm of size 30 is below 19cm You have my money hehe
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I can NOT speak for 3sixteen ( I might pick up the line however) and i have never seen this jean. Cone made a narrow good ( my selvege) and wide good ( non selvage. If the 3sixteen denim is not selvege then yes it is different denim. 3sixteen makes a great product and look forward to speaking with them again. This is a very special denim with amazing properties. I was speaking with Henry and he compared the denim...
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