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How much of a difference is a 30 and a 29 in terms of hip flare?
Just ordered, got card error first time round, hope i will not be double charge My job is not that stable yet I am still spending, i hate this forum.
29 is out ... damn....
I already got a lot of slim straight... what shall I do?
If helm of size 30 is below 19cm You have my money hehe
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I can NOT speak for 3sixteen ( I might pick up the line however) and i have never seen this jean. Cone made a narrow good ( my selvege) and wide good ( non selvage. If the 3sixteen denim is not selvege then yes it is different denim. 3sixteen makes a great product and look forward to speaking with them again. This is a very special denim with amazing properties. I was speaking with Henry and he compared the denim...
This is one of the most ugly sandpapered jeans i've seen.. if you want to sand it at least do it with more skills. Pathetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackdarkeye so what? they still look better than 95% of the jeans posted here. You blind????
looks fake and sandpapered.
Price reduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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