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Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Hahaha this thread is the first Google result for "Fuel Star Clothing". Believe it or not, this type of publicity is not good for you! O! Top on Google! Now I need to pre order that Dog Shit design you were talking about Fuel Boy!
Since Martin Margiela left... Why Not give it a shot at that hot seat Fuel Boy?! Success is not too far away!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star and for every hipster cum loving faggot that says its bland, there is an urban, LRG/Ecko fan who buys one. so keep sucking the cock cum loving homos ..haters gon hate dont blame me you are stuck in an office cubicle making shitty pay, going to gay bars, and sipping frappaccinos Seriously i don't get the frappaccinos joke
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star what i dont understand is if you faggots dont like t-shirts at all. why are you still bumping this topic? dont you have frappacinos to sip or something? Yes we have frappacinos to sip and your thread to read... Good Stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star normally i laugh at insults and stuff...but honestly you are really not that funny..ive seen better in this topic. your jokes are stale and not very funny try harder Erm.. you are the one that is entertaining us right now dude... you don't need to laugh.. we DO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star OR, it could just mean that designs are the least important thing of the t-shirt busines, and that branding is people will wear dog shit if their favorite celebrity endorsed it You finally found your success!
This is better than the $1 Nudie thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch You guys don't seriously expect him to read up on every forum before spaming do you? I'll give him credit for trying, he went above and beyond the typical 1 post spam ad. Come on its addictive....
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star how do you close topics down? can we get a mod in here to shut this down? No, you should ask your mom to shut you down.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce What is the most important thing about the t-shirt business? Wow I was about to quote this but he edited it straight away.... Nice catch Mulansauce!
New Posts  All Forums: