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Ya buy from yesstyle instead.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i suppose it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that i like some of this A lot of it is beyond replication, though: there's a bag on there with a metal plate that says "Costume National Homme". :| SO no one have seen the direct replica of nudie in their site yet? I wonder how long they can hold up before getting sue....
They are selling replica on a lot of brands ..... but nice pricing... as with replicas..
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star well then ill just leave i guess have fun without me Don't leave I take back what I've said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star whats it have to do with publicity? i can get that elsewhere, i dont need a shitty thread on styleforums for that...the topic obviosuly backfired and nobody here likes the designs, so why keep it open? Believe me Boy.. you serve a purpose bigger than your dog shit tees over here
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star im actually not homophobic, and i actually dont mean anything i said ...im just purposely TRYING to get the ban hammer so this topic gets deleted heh...the mods sure do sick a big dick here though You are a strategic businessman Fuel Boy
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Hahaha this thread is the first Google result for "Fuel Star Clothing". Believe it or not, this type of publicity is not good for you! O! Top on Google! Now I need to pre order that Dog Shit design you were talking about Fuel Boy!
Since Martin Margiela left... Why Not give it a shot at that hot seat Fuel Boy?! Success is not too far away!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star and for every hipster cum loving faggot that says its bland, there is an urban, LRG/Ecko fan who buys one. so keep sucking the cock cum loving homos ..haters gon hate dont blame me you are stuck in an office cubicle making shitty pay, going to gay bars, and sipping frappaccinos Seriously i don't get the frappaccinos joke
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star what i dont understand is if you faggots dont like t-shirts at all. why are you still bumping this topic? dont you have frappacinos to sip or something? Yes we have frappacinos to sip and your thread to read... Good Stuff.
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