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Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B I will most likely be changing that title for the betterment of my sale. There are a few things I will most likely never get around to using but only because, well I don't have a good reason. Pics to come but everything is in new or close to it condition. All items shipped via USPS priority, preferably within the CONUS The first: Church Sovereign Slippers $100 SHIPPED Black Velvet w/ Crown emblem UK 7.5...
O boy... y do you need so much pockets in a pair of jeans... it is ugly. hate it.
Picture of Sole: Very comfortable high quality Sole.... forgive me but I am not sure of the material. Tons of life left!
Bought these babies last year in Harajuku. A stunning pair of boots that always receives complements wherever I've worn. Looks good with jeans tucked in or out, either way, it will make heads turn. Quality of leather and stitching are top notch. The leather is mad supple and soft, a comfort that guides your every step. The unfortunate thing is they don't get the air time they needed and one of my new year resolution is sell off things that I seldom use. Sz 8 fits...
Ya buy from yesstyle instead.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i suppose it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that i like some of this A lot of it is beyond replication, though: there's a bag on there with a metal plate that says "Costume National Homme". :| SO no one have seen the direct replica of nudie in their site yet? I wonder how long they can hold up before getting sue....
They are selling replica on a lot of brands ..... but nice pricing... as with replicas..
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star well then ill just leave i guess have fun without me Don't leave I take back what I've said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star whats it have to do with publicity? i can get that elsewhere, i dont need a shitty thread on styleforums for that...the topic obviosuly backfired and nobody here likes the designs, so why keep it open? Believe me Boy.. you serve a purpose bigger than your dog shit tees over here
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuel Star im actually not homophobic, and i actually dont mean anything i said ...im just purposely TRYING to get the ban hammer so this topic gets deleted heh...the mods sure do sick a big dick here though You are a strategic businessman Fuel Boy
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