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I need some help over here. How do you guys measure the waist of the shirt? Around 8 inches down from armpit and flat across as below right? I have ordered 2 shirts as above and indicated the shirt waist to be 18 inches. They arrived to me at around 17.2 inches. I have sent Luxire the picture below to indicate the error (the measurements can be seen clearer as an attachment in an email but not really here after I have uploaded in Photobucket to be posted). I took...
There's usually some medical help to address that.
Made of heavy twill, superbly constructed, absolutely stunning. And yes, indigo dyed and the check will fade beautifully over time. Very good condition, worn less than 5 times. Measurements: Pit to Pit = 20" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 30.3" Sleeve Length = 24.2" Asking: $110 $90! shipped anywhere
Very good condition, no flaws, worn less than 6 times. Measurements: Pit to Pit = 19.1" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 27.3" Sleeve Length = 22.8" Asking: $60 $50 shipped anywhere
In very good condition, No flaws. Worn less than 8 times. Iconic military inspired shirt! Amazing fabric that fades beautiful over time: Measurements: Pit to Pit = 19.1" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 27.2" Sleeve Length = 23.5" Asking: $55 shipped anywhere
One of the best made in terms of color combination. Only flaw is some light piling on the underside of the lower back bottom (as shown in the last pic) Some light pilling inside small part of the shirt: Measurements: Pit to Pit = 19.8" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 27" Sleeve Length = 24" Asking: $60 $48 shipped anywhere
What's the take on Buttero boots again? Eyeing on their FW 2014 hiking boots but unsure of the quality. Read somewhere that someone bought a pair a while back, opened the shoe box and straight away sent back for refund because the leather looks like plastic?
You are a bad person... But I loled so hard at the typo.
I looked into my Alden today and look what I've found! Hole on my heel counter! What can a cobbler do to fix this? Anyone in same situation or am I having monster feet?
I am seeing so many quality issues here it is not even funny....
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