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Exactly.... And this is not a mistake on our end as customer. Why would we think otherwise?
O come on, the customer measures the shirt which fits that is the purpose of measuring the shirt instead of body size right? Where in the world did you mention that we need to specifically state the measurements should be net after adding certain features? (back darts in my case)??It should always be the other way round that you guys who are the experts should advise me right if certain changes / features will affect the measurements which I have requested? I hope this is...
Yes I did request for back darts but I have also stated my specifications as below:1x Black Grey Tattersall Flannel - Neck: 15.00 - Sleeve: 32.50 - Fit: Custom - Collar: Button Down - Cuff: 2-Button - Back: Custom Pleats - Pocket: No - Placket: Yes - Custom_notes: NOTES: Your custom style and fitting requirements:No pleats for back but I want two parallel vertical darts at the back(My guess is for making the shirt slimmer at the waist as shown in the measurements?) that...
I just followed the website instruction, shirt waist 8 inches from armpit... supposed to be 18 inches, that is what fits me on my old shirt and if they request for the measurement on this part, it is suppose to be 18 inches not a great difference of nearly 1 inch.
Yes the back is taut as well of course. The measurements that I have given is 19" chest, 18" waist and 19" bottom. So yes taper to waist and back out to bottom. With such a template no way would you measure 17" anywhere...
I need some help over here. How do you guys measure the waist of the shirt? Around 8 inches down from armpit and flat across as below right? I have ordered 2 shirts as above and indicated the shirt waist to be 18 inches. They arrived to me at around 17.2 inches. I have sent Luxire the picture below to indicate the error (the measurements can be seen clearer as an attachment in an email but not really here after I have uploaded in Photobucket to be posted). I took...
There's usually some medical help to address that.
Made of heavy twill, superbly constructed, absolutely stunning. And yes, indigo dyed and the check will fade beautifully over time. Very good condition, worn less than 5 times. Measurements: Pit to Pit = 20" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 30.3" Sleeve Length = 24.2" Asking: $110 $90! shipped anywhere
Very good condition, no flaws, worn less than 6 times. Measurements: Pit to Pit = 19.1" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 27.3" Sleeve Length = 22.8" Asking: $60 $50 shipped anywhere
In very good condition, No flaws. Worn less than 8 times. Iconic military inspired shirt! Amazing fabric that fades beautiful over time: Measurements: Pit to Pit = 19.1" Back Length (same method used as Unionmade) = 27.2" Sleeve Length = 23.5" Asking: $55 shipped anywhere
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