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I am a true 9D on Brannock Device and based on what you are looking at, no insoles or thick socks, 8D should fit like a glove. They are pretty narrow though as compared to other work boots but if you are of a normal width, you should be fine.
Peppercorn78, those are the most stunning blue shoes I have seen so far in my life.
Orange Cordovan after 2 years of wear. I never baby them and never polish/condition them before today. Some parts are already very badly scuffed beyond repair like the outer side of the boots just below the toe cap and others parts are just covered by layers of dirt Wiped off the dirt today and brushed them with some neutral saphir renovateur. They really darken up throughout the years and now is more of a mid brownish tone rather than orange. Despite all the scuffs and...
Nicks Zuriick William Boots. Size 8.5 and as a true US9 on Brannock device, they fit me well, Just not getting enough wear on them. Again incredible leather when aged but I just don't have the time to work on them. In good condition with some normal wear. Asking $150 + flat shipping of $85 for NA and Europe or flat shipping fee of $45 for Asia. Wear on heels Please check with me if you have any questions or concerns, thank you!
Something is not right if they can get away with this mass scam.......
That's is a very very nice fit!
Nothing much to do on a lazy evening so just took a random shot of my one year old orange cordovan. Yep I don't baby them.
lol this is a Nick's thread.... and I don't own any Viberg That is Zuriick William by Nick's.
Love the toe shape of these....
Dear Sir, i did and received a vague reply and that's why i am asking the experienced customers here. Anyway i have just sent the shirts back and dropped an email to you guys about it. Hope you can rectify the situation and send me back the corrected shirts soon, thank you.
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