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Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree seems like you need to search a little harder, i asked the same question a month back http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=87668 It was a cursory search, but I didn't see the post. Here is a photo of the shoes. I did not take it (its from the listing) so I can't say whether the variation is more or less severe. Ps, I guess for $125 new, its a STEAL regardless of the color. If I...
Price Drop. I'll probably regret it, but I really just want to move this out of the closet.
Last price drop. Maybe I'm crazy, but I consider this a pretty nice steal. If these don't sell at this price, I'll probably just force my feet to grow a few millimeters.
Sounds like leaving out in the sun is the way to go. Thanks for the tips. Any other advice is welcome. Thanks.
I know there have been a lot of threads about Shell Cordovan, but I don't think my question has been specifically addressed. Here is the issue. I just bought a pair of New Alden Shell bluchers. They are new condition, but they are slightly different shades. That is, although both shoes are #8, the right shoe is slightly lighter in color than the left shoe. I am not sure how noticeable it is (I don't have them in hand yet), but I wanted to get some input now on the...
PM sent on both... hopefully in time.
Price Drop
Quote: Originally Posted by YOgun27 How is that "pissing" on someone else's thread when he indicated the retail store he bought it from, and I've seen a significantly different price at the same store? I was just trying to educate, not undercut someone's thread. Perhaps I should have pm'd first, and that's the only thing I'll apologize for. I'm done. Yogun, You are missing the point. There is a presumption here that we are "educated" and know...
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