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This is a New Hickey Freeman Ltd. solid navy suit. I purchased this suit new, but took off the tags and had a small flaw repaired. Please see photos of right shoulder. There was a flaw that I had professionally reweaved. It is virtually unnoticeable from a few inches away. Suit is 38 Short. Solid navy blue, 3 button, single center vent. Pants are double pleated and cuffed. I've purchased a few suits over the past few months and have never worn them and am...
Updated with pics and measurements per request.
Price would be $179 shipped CONUS. ***SOLD*** Suit is NWT, two-button, duel side vents, peak lapels, pick stitching. Navy blue with pinstripes. Size 38 Short, with 7 inch drop (but pants were taken out to 33 inches). Pants are single pleated and currently cuffed. Tags have been marked to prevent return. According to BB, this is a more modern and slim fitting jacket and pants. Sorry for the lousy pictures, the lighting is not so good at night. Note, the second...
What tag is the HF suit? Post pics or at least let us know what label (gray, Ltd., black, etc...) this suit is. Also, what is the chest measurement?
I own four Madisons with the new gray label and they are all fully canvassed. I also own a HF Ltd. (with the white label) and it basically the Madison (but with no tag calling it "Madison") and it is fused. I am 99% sure that HF does not make a fused suit with the gray label. That said, if you paid $550 for a HF Ltd. glue job, then yes I say ripoff. For a Mainline (gray label) fully canvassed, not a bad deal if it fits well for you.
Here are photos of creasing without Shoe Trees in the shoes.
Line is Lavorazioni Originale. Creases are about the same without trees. I can post additional photos upon request.
These are almost new with very little wear. Topys and heel taps have been added. They measure ~12 X 4 from the outside, but the toe box is elongated so this measurement is not going to be too helpful. Shoe trees not included. Price is $110 shipped Conus. PM with interest.
I purchased this from a SF member hoping to make it work for me, but sadly it really need a short. It is a Zegna Napoli Couture with 15 Milmil 15 fabric. Size 40 Regular (EU 50). I know everyone here knows the quality and luxury of this suit, so I will let the name speak for itself. Pants are flat front with no pleats. I have not taken pictures of the pants, but if you really want to see please let me know. Full Disclosure: this suit does have a repair. ...
Shrink your feet and get this seller to ship these Campanile's to the US http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230311882674
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