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Last Drop before Ebay. These are now considerably cheaper than dirt.
One more Price Drop before I just decide to keep this.
Updated with extra pics and measurements per multiple requests. First firm commitment gets them.
Price Drop
Price Drop.
These are now for sale, $90 shipped CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by ClassicGarnish you could probably let out the waist a bit? Yeah, but I honestly kind of wish I had bought the pleated ones that were available, so Trade may be in my interest. Quote: Originally Posted by Limniscate highly interested in buying these I'm going to let these ride for a day perhaps, and if no takers than a sale will happen. PS, I would sell at my price, which was $95...
These are now for sale. Waist is 31 inches. Tagged EU 46/40CM. Unhemmed. Pretty slim fitting. PM if you are interested. Measurements: Waist: 31 inches (15.5 X 2) Inseam: unhemmed (long!) Thigh: ~10.5 inches Rise: ~10 inches Leg Opening: ~8 inches Pants are GRAY. The first or second photo is best representation of color. Sorry, im not the best photographer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Is this pants polyester? Sorry, fabric is: 83% Polyester 16% Polyamide (not sure what that is) 1% Elastane
NWT Canali Corduroys. Tagged size EU48/32 inch. Unhemmed. Color is Burnt Orange. First photo is best representation of color (sorry i'm not the best photographer). Made in Italy. Measurements: Waist: ~32 inches Thigh: ~12 inches Leg Opening: ~8.75 inches $20 shipped CONUS. PM with interest. These are currently on Hold
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