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Great stuff, and mostly my size too. PM sent on P4, P6, P10
Please post measurements on BB 1818 Linen Sport Coat 40S. Thanks!
Is the length of the jacket BOC or TOC?
This is a steal. I've purchased a suit from the seller before, and he/she is legit and professional. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nwt-Hickey-Freem...QQcmdZViewItem Its not the Hand Tailored Line, but it is a 130s.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Random lowest priced Italian factory of the day? Thats too bad, because their suits are well-made (at least their main line and up). You would think a brand such as HF (decently reputable US maker) would at least source their shoes for something along the lines of Alden or church's. Maybe I respect HF too much?
I saw a pair made in Italy, anyone know who the maker is?
Can you please list the sleeve and length of the LB Jacket? I am normally a 40S in suit jackets, but I was hoping that this Outer Jacket would work for me.
PM me and let me know what you have. I'd like to spend less than $150.
Perhaps these will help. Obviously the tap does not help, and it is not a close up, but it is all i have right now. Thanks again for the help.
I'll give it a try. If any one knows who KFT would have contracted for shoes, let please let me know.
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