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Here are photos of creasing without Shoe Trees in the shoes.
Line is Lavorazioni Originale. Creases are about the same without trees. I can post additional photos upon request.
These are almost new with very little wear. Topys and heel taps have been added. They measure ~12 X 4 from the outside, but the toe box is elongated so this measurement is not going to be too helpful. Shoe trees not included. Price is $110 shipped Conus. PM with interest.
I purchased this from a SF member hoping to make it work for me, but sadly it really need a short. It is a Zegna Napoli Couture with 15 Milmil 15 fabric. Size 40 Regular (EU 50). I know everyone here knows the quality and luxury of this suit, so I will let the name speak for itself. Pants are flat front with no pleats. I have not taken pictures of the pants, but if you really want to see please let me know. Full Disclosure: this suit does have a repair. ...
Shrink your feet and get this seller to ship these Campanile's to the US http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230311882674
This is a Burberry 100% Cashmere Blazer. It is Tan, 3 button, single vent, sized 42 Long. It is in Mint condition. I actually put it on Ebay, but thought I'd try it out here too. Asking $150obo SOLD shipped conus. Shoulder to Shoulder: 19.75 inches Sleeve: 25.25 inches (at least inch to let out) Length (BOC): 33 inches Chest: 44 inches
For sale is a pair of Suede Boots for Neiman Marcus size 10D. ~12.25 X 4 measured from the outside. They are made in England, but I am unable to discern the maker. Dainite soles. These have been worn maybe twice. $70 shipped conus. SOLD Willing to do Ebay BIN with nominal increase to cover costs. PM me with questions.
Two pairs left, nice deal. http://cgi.ebay.com/Allen-Edmonds-Br...QQcmdZViewItem
^^^ Quote: Originally Posted by nmoraitis dual side vents
I am not sure if this thread is better situated in WTB, if so, Mods please move it. I am looking to trade my pair of Tramezza 9D Brown Monk Straps for a comparable shoe (both in wear and in value) in a size 8.5. I have tried to make these work, but they are just a little too big for me. I have inserted heel and tongue inserts that I believe can be removed by the new owner fairly easily. I am looking for a comparable shoe in return. I am open to any offer for...
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