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Looks real (or at least its a hand-sewn fake). But the flaw on the front pocket makes it worth little. Even an expert re-weaver would not be able to make that totally disappear. Its probably an orphan piece.
Not to get too off topic, but how does altering the length affect a jacket that has pick stitching down the front? I have a coat that I've wanted to get shortened about 3/4 inch I'm afraid that the stitching won't match. Any ideas?
Someone ought to grab the wool cashmere sport coat for just over 200 bucks! Patch pockets, very nice deal for someone out there. Too bad there are no short available.
Stick, how has it worked out for you? I assume its a prolonged process, so you may not have the full story, but has the darkening or lightening done anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree seems like you need to search a little harder, i asked the same question a month back http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=87668 It was a cursory search, but I didn't see the post. Here is a photo of the shoes. I did not take it (its from the listing) so I can't say whether the variation is more or less severe. Ps, I guess for $125 new, its a STEAL regardless of the color. If I...
Price Drop. I'll probably regret it, but I really just want to move this out of the closet.
Last price drop. Maybe I'm crazy, but I consider this a pretty nice steal. If these don't sell at this price, I'll probably just force my feet to grow a few millimeters.
Sounds like leaving out in the sun is the way to go. Thanks for the tips. Any other advice is welcome. Thanks.
I know there have been a lot of threads about Shell Cordovan, but I don't think my question has been specifically addressed. Here is the issue. I just bought a pair of New Alden Shell bluchers. They are new condition, but they are slightly different shades. That is, although both shoes are #8, the right shoe is slightly lighter in color than the left shoe. I am not sure how noticeable it is (I don't have them in hand yet), but I wanted to get some input now on the...
New Posts  All Forums: