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Another Price Drop. PM with any questions. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness N.B. The shoulder and chest measurements seem to be closer to size 38/39 or so. I'm a solid 38/39 Short, and I consider a 42 inch chest a size 40. Either way, thanks for the compliments, its a real nice sport coat. PRICE DROP.
***Added a pair of Incotex khakis from the recent craze. A little too slim for me, so they are now for sale. They are 100% cotton, Khaki color with back adjuster tab. EU 48 US 32 (waist is 32 inches hand measured). Rise is ~10 inches, thigh ~10.5 inches, leg opening ~8 inches. $45 shipped CONUS. INCOTEX SOLD!! Ben Silver Sport Coat. There are no tags indicating size or material, but I believe it is camel hair, but it may be a cashmere/wool/camel hair blend. The...
PM sent on #5.
Some quick photos per request.
I bought a dress shirt from Armyhardhat that is too small (I thought I may be able to squeeze a 31 inch sleeve. I paid $30 shipped, I'm looking for $25 shipped CONUS. Size is 15 X 31. French Cuff. This shirt is NWOT. It came to me sealed and pinned with the BB cloth string around the shirt. I tried it on and it did not fit so I did my best to pin it back. The shirt is White with light blue and lavender stripes. MOP buttons, fabric woven in Italy slimmer fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Yeh, but what does "as new" mean? Not sure, but it does have the tags on the sleeve. My guess is that the seller uses a template and just didn't change it all the way. The pants are hem appear unaltered, though I can't say anything about the jacket. Either way, I've found items like this to go for not much over the initial price and definitely below BIN.
Great deal for NWT Canali in a tough to find staple solid gray http://cgi.ebay.com/Canali-Dark-Gray...QQcmdZViewItem I've bought from this seller before and she is very professional.
Nice Ties. PM Sent on #3.
Looks real (or at least its a hand-sewn fake). But the flaw on the front pocket makes it worth little. Even an expert re-weaver would not be able to make that totally disappear. Its probably an orphan piece.
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