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Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Yep, those are mine. I actually bought them off BS 7 months ago when I first joined and never wore them. They didn't move at the price I paid so off to market to see what they are worth. Here is a great deal if the cashback is still live on some Alden Shell Cordovan boots, 9E http://cgi.ebay.com/Alden-Shell-Cord...QQcmdZViewItem Nice Kicks. Someone ought to pick those up, its a good deal.
Preferably lightly used Oxfords, Wing Tips, or Monk Straps. Let me know what you've got!
Really wish these were my size. Regardless, some nice looking CJs. http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-Crockett-Jon...QQcmdZViewItem
I do believe its back and well. I tried searching "wii" as usual and it worked with no problems. P.s. I tried about 2 hours ago and i was not working then.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Found them last night. Seller is in middle of relisting them for me with a BIN. edit: All the messages from SF members made him change his mind. Funny thing is he was going to do BIN for me too I guess it will be a SF bidding war.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Do you mean Bloomingdales' site? The mailer didn't say anything about the website, this was all in store. I don't know if it work on-line. I guess I should start reading more thoroughly. I assumed FandF would be online as well as in store. Too bad there aren't any stores nearby.
Thanks, too bad the site is down
Thanks, this is proof that staying up on a Saturday night on SF can be worth it.
Great stuff, and mostly my size too. PM sent on P4, P6, P10
Please post measurements on BB 1818 Linen Sport Coat 40S. Thanks!
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