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Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver These are marked as EE width, But from measurements they absolutely fit like a D or E. Not sure why they are marked EE. For those interested, I have a pair of Tramezza in EE and they fit more like a D (maybe a hair wider, but definitely not EE). GL on the sale. Edit: I also have a pair of Lavorazione Originale in EE and they fit the same as my Tramezza, that is, about a D or maybe a bit wider, but not a...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 I disagree 100%. Wear a suit and tie to the interview. If you get the job, then dress like everyone else. +1. Interviews are no time to dress down. I encountered the same thing here in the States, but everyone wore a suit and it was expected.
I Lied. One More Drop.
Just to clarify a couple things. First, original shoe laces are included, they are just not pictured. Second, these are not seconds, they are from a Neiman Marcus Last Call and they are marked on the bottom to prevent illegal returns to either NM or another Alden retailer. Mark.
I just sent you a PM on a Mainline Hickey Freeman Solid Navy suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips I wish they'd make these without that god aweful double sole. I hate trodging around in my clunky Alden Shell Wingtips because of this very thing. But I will add, these pair your selling are very beautiful, and a great deal. At that price, if they fit me, I'd buy them and consider resoling them. I like the clean simplicity. It really brings out the color. Funny thing is that Alden (and many others for that...
I just wanted to clarify. I've had a couple questions about the fit. I say in the OP that these are a little snug for me. They are simply a little narrow right at the ball of my feet. This could be for a few reasons. First, I do have slightly wide feet (I can take an E width and its fine). Second, they are not broken in at all, and with a little wear they would probably be fine. These have plenty of room in the toe box for my 8.5 length feet. To put in...
Up for sale is a pair of NIB Alden Shell Cordovan (#8) Plain Toe Bluchers. As you can see they are unworn. They are style 990 on the Barrie Last, so make sure you size accordingly (Barrie Last runs about 1/2 size large). I wear a solid 8.5 and these are just a tad narrow, but it may be due to the fact that these are new and have not stretched at all. They are plenty long enough in the toe box for me. Please note a few things: first, as you may be able to tell from...
Last Drop before Ebay. These are now considerably cheaper than dirt.
One more Price Drop before I just decide to keep this.
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