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Gave it a shot, we'll see. Last time shoe mart had something like this, I believe they canceled the orders (Alden Shell Chukka's in size 15 or something like that)
If there's interest I have access to two Ted Baker Endurance Suits. Both NWT made in the USA. One is 44 Regular and is solid dark charcoal. The other is a 42 Regular and is charcoal with a very nice maroon windowpane. Price would be $175 shipped CONUS, and actual shipping ROW. Please PM if interested.
I've been picking up Pantherella socks at my local Marshall's (South Carolina) for about $8/pair. Not sure if they have them up in NYC or anywhere else though.
Armyhardhat has some Golden Fleece SOLID NAVY single breasted suits in 40S, 38S, and 36S. I bought the same suit from him last week and he accepted Best Offer of $280. I'm not sure how low he will go, but this is a damn steal if you ask me. I haven't seen GF staples like these for under $400 anywhere on Ebay or here. Plus, he has a very liberal return policy so that works in your favor. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQ...aMEFSXQ3aMESOI
Sent PM on one 1c, two 1d, one 3d I'm addicted to these socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver These are marked as EE width, But from measurements they absolutely fit like a D or E. Not sure why they are marked EE. For those interested, I have a pair of Tramezza in EE and they fit more like a D (maybe a hair wider, but definitely not EE). GL on the sale. Edit: I also have a pair of Lavorazione Originale in EE and they fit the same as my Tramezza, that is, about a D or maybe a bit wider, but not a...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 I disagree 100%. Wear a suit and tie to the interview. If you get the job, then dress like everyone else. +1. Interviews are no time to dress down. I encountered the same thing here in the States, but everyone wore a suit and it was expected.
I Lied. One More Drop.
Just to clarify a couple things. First, original shoe laces are included, they are just not pictured. Second, these are not seconds, they are from a Neiman Marcus Last Call and they are marked on the bottom to prevent illegal returns to either NM or another Alden retailer. Mark.
I just sent you a PM on a Mainline Hickey Freeman Solid Navy suit.
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