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I don't see many derbies here. I know I will not be the first one to say you should go for a Dover on the 606 or 202. Also, I don't see a ton of Country Calf. Perhaps a shortwing or longwing (Sandringham or I forget the name of the longwing) in CC? If you are going more formal (which certainly appears to be your trend), perhaps a Shannon boot? Finally, I have the EG Southwold's on the 888 and love them to death. I'd recommend them in DO or Black.
For sale is a pair of very nice, used, John Lobb for Hermes "John" austerity brogue oxfords with toe medallion. These are marked size EU 41, which roughly translates to a 7UK or 8US. They are a medium width. Made in England with typical supple leather. Color is black. I bought these new and have used them sparingly. Refer to photos for details. No major marks, nicks, scratches, etc. on the leather. Shoes will come with orange Hermes shoe bags. Sorry, but shoe trees ARE...
Those 11D loafers look like calf . . . it's tough to tell because of the poor photos, but I see what appears to be fine creasing on one of the photos.
Congratulations on the new Chelseas, by the way! As many have said, they are wonderful. They are certainly a staple that I go to frequently.
82 Last. I have the Doak ones on the 82 as well, and I love the shape for the Chelsea. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the 202 for Bals.
This is the black captoe thread. It's a great analysis. It inspired me to step up my game from CJ Handgrades to EG Chelseas (thanks also to Skoak), although my order will take a couple of months.
These are on eBay. Dover on the 32.
Great deal for a man who can wear a 7.5/8D 888 Last Westminster in Dark Oak. $399 shipped. Looks like they've been worn only a couple of times or so. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Edward-Green-Westminster-Dark-Oak-Calfskin-Double-Monkstrap-Shoes-7-5M-/251637749984?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a96c758e0 A half size larger, and I would have snapped them up almost instantly.
Very nice. I have been on the fence as to whether to fill this gap in my EG collection, and your picture has just convinced me to take the plunge. I just placed an order with Gabriel for Black Chelseas (except on the 82 last, which I prefer to the 202 for balmorals), along with a DOAK belt to go with my DOAK shoes.
Wow. If these were my size, I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat. Great deal.
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